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Harry Meyer MalerWelten

from Aug 11th, 2015 until Oct 18th, 2015

Exhibition centre Gut Altenkamp near Papenburg shows an exhibition with more than 100 artworks by Harry Meyer. The shows gives an overview over the single workseries out of Harry Meyer"s oeuvre. It is an co-operation between Bode Gallery and Kulturkreis ...more

Participating artists
Harry Meyer

Dietrich Klinge ORTE zur Skulpturenmeile Ansbach

from Jun 20th, 2015 until Sep 27th, 2015

In co-operation with the city of Ansbach it became possible to initiate the exhibition 'ORTE' for the 10th Skulpturenmeile in Ansbach. In an impressive show 47 bronze sculptures are on view over the complete urban area of Ansbach. ...more

Participating artists
Dietrich Klinge

Dietrich Klinge - Sculptures

from May 12th, 2015 until Jun 6th, 2015

It is a great pleasure to Bode Gallery to represent the artwork of Dietrich Klinge in a second gallery exhbition since 2013. In the first exhibition we have shown a special kind of figures, round the topic 'sitting'. The current exhibition ...more

Participating artists
Dietrich Klinge

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