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Daniel Bodner - Field of Exercise

from Jun 6th, 2015 until Jul 18th, 2015

Galerie Martin Mertens is pleased to present “Field of Exercise”, the latest solo exhibition of New York and Amsterdam based artist Daniel Bodner. In Daniel Bodner’s latest paintings he returns to the human figure. We see youthful, exuberant athletes ...more

Participating artists
Daniel Bodner

Antje Blumenstein - Himmel und Hölle

from Nov 24th, 2006 until Jan 6th, 2007

This exhibition takes its title from the sculpture Heaven and Hell- a work that obstructs the entrance to the gallery while simultaneously adjoining the exterior and interior gallery spaces. The work is a direct reference to a well-known folded-paper ...more

Participating artists
Antje Blumenstein

Katja Pfeiffer "Rigging"

from Sep 1st, 2006 until Dec 18th, 2006


Participating artists
Katja Pfeiffer

Martin Mertens Gallery - Berlin

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