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Cintia Barroso Alexander

Cintia Barroso Alexander

Geboren: 1977 in Rio de Janeiro


Arbeiten des Künstlers

Barroso Alexander, Cintia ◊ Afrika Portrait, 2013
Barroso Alexander, Cintia ◊ Afrika Portrait, 2013

Barroso Alexander, Cintia ◊ Lua Morena, 2013
Barroso Alexander, Cintia ◊ Lua Morena, 2013


Cintia Barroso Alexander was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1977. Cintia initially studied marketing before working as a model and TV presenter in Brazil. From her work in front of the camera she soon realized a desire to create images to express her vivid imagination. Starting out in Australia then Germany, her work is highly sought after by commercial and editorial clients alike.
Artist statement
Cintia for this body of work travelled do Ethiopia, which in combination with trips to Asia, Ne- pal and India made up the content for her publication Porträts aus Afrika und Asien. This series includes portraits of the Hamer, Karo, Mursi and Arbore tribes. Her visual study of the tribes, help show the unique culture through fashion, along with the symbolism that each adornment represents. Her desire to create (and not just capture) is also shown through her introduction
of a mirror in a number of images - as a symbol of a foreign, plastic world. This in turn allows the viewer to see more of her subject and create an intimacy that is both unique and haunting. Through her mastery of lighting, composition and large scale reproductions, Cintia emphasizes the strength and power of her subjects to which the viewer can ́t help but be drawn into a world of cultural beauty.


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