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Veit Ferrer

Veit Ferrer


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The spectator feels, which power is in it

The Richter master pupil goes with his pictures on the edges of a theme.

Port-Bou is proper not a big place. But it is a place with a big meaning, he marks the entrance-gate to the iberian peninsula at the spanish midddleocean coast. A borderplace. The station of Port-Bou will be this kind of special meaning righteous, that someone is clear: his greatness not be worth the place but the land. And who is speaking about Port-Bou, means the station too, People are changed there. People had a long stay there. People were tired from waiting. That it didn`t goes further. Port-Bou is a place, which doesn`t denote a home, but rather an be on the way, the feeling to be anywhere, the hope to reach this destination. Port-Bou: perhaps promise and the possibility, that this promise will bring to nothing. People can be wrecked at an border, or it will people something about theyr conquest opened. The artist Veit Ferrer from Düsseldorf had an exhibition about the theme Port-Bou in the Voss Galerie, and he doesn`t be wrecked at this border with his pictures.
Veit Ferrer is married with a spaniard. He lived for a long time in Barcelona. The border place has an special meaning for him. Arrive, farewell, disconnection, meet. He swum there in the ocean, spent time in an little hotel. He had tasted the painful romanticism of this“ not-place“ in an manifold way. And therefore the wish arised, to represent the feeling of Port-Bou. He had photograph this place with the big station in the foreground and the ocean in the background with an central perspective. Then he subdivided his motive and carried the contents of the photo-screens over measure faithfull canvases.
At first he made with chalk pencils the outlines, than he lay the colour screen for screen on. With the colours much freedom flow in the works. If one of the screen on a wall of a house is green, is her continue in the next screen blue. Some of the screens haven`t any c colour. The screens of the ocean are indulatory vaulted. The colours of the water, which pushed together, are all an harmonious dispose, relieve the picture of his foreground nearness totaly. The work represent day and night, dream and reality, consumption and clearness, warmth. The station itself effects like an train, which acrossed the station. This moment stays under an big tension. The spectator feels, which power is in it. Then there are the looks of someone, who goes waiting through the station: over an waterplace balance, an hall. The body of a woman in an hotel room. The sheet covered only the belly. The body reflected the light of the sun. It is warm. There is nothing to do, only to lay in bed. Perhaps the train will arrive in a few hours, which will take the woman. Is she the wife of the artist ?
An other work shows an spaniard playmate of the daughter of Ferrer.
An other again, a monument of the artist Dani Karavan at the beach of Port-Bou. Plains of this work are formed monochrom. It looks like if an „not-room“ is under the monument, an endlessness and the sky is subdivided too. The pictures of Ferrer discovered the relief of the reality, they screened the photographical exactness to the edge of the solution, to the edge of another dimension. The works of Ferrer are playing at an border. „This all hasn`t only an seizable surface. It has other realitys too. For every person are difference things and feelings in it“, says Ferrer.
Ferrer has a theme, he works on it to the exteriors boarders, he mangled and transformed it.
One of the works shows the author and literaturecritic Walter Benjamin at the Bibliothèque Nationale in paris, painted from an photo of the year 1937. Ferrer, the master pupil of Gerhard Richter, had many expositions with the subtil and with richness of nuances texts of Walter Benjamin, when he had study. Walter Benjamin who was born 1892 in Berlin, had study philosophy. On 27. September 1940 he made a suicide, when he was on the flight of the german troops. On 1933 he was emigraded to France. Full of fear about the delivery, he gulped morphin capsules, when people didn`t want to let him over the boarder, when he was on the flight of the Vichy-regime. Port-Bou a boarder place to the death. Near to the work of Benjamin, another work is shown, hanging meat in an butcher shop. Port-Bou a boarder place to the life. Another work shows an room in the hospital of Figeres. In the whole composition it can be the impression that Port-Bou stays for the world. But under Ferrer`s eyes and hands the little city is unequivocal an big place.

Arbeiten des Künstlers

Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (N.N.), 2008
Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (N.N.), 2008

Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (2), 2008
Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (2), 2008

Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (1), 2008
Ferrer, Veit ◊ o.T. (1), 2008


1962 geboren in Düsseldorf
1984 - 91 Studium an der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
1990 Meisterschüler bei Gerhard Richter


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