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Mark Francis

in 1962


- Zeitgenössische Kunst



1997 Public Art Development Trust: Mark Francis / Nicky Hirst
1993 Grand Prize: Tokyo International Print Exhibition
1985-86 Chelsea School of Art London, UK
1980-1985 St. Marttin's College of Art London, UK
1962 Born Newtownards, Co Down, Northern Ireland

Collection currently in: British Credit Trust, British Council, London, Caldic Collection, Amsterdam , Chelmsford Borough Council, Contemporary Art Society, London, Deutsche Bank, Germany, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, London , European Parliament , Goldman Sachs International, London , Government Art Collection, London , Hammersmith & Fulham Education Authority , Heytesbury Holdings , Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Lambert Collection, Zürich, Leicester Education Authority, Machida City Museum of Graphic Art, Tokyo , Manchester City Art Gallery , Mead Gallery, Warwick University , Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc, New York , Merrill Lynch International Bank, London, Metropolitan Museum, New York, Nat West Group Art Collection, London , Saatchi Collection, London, Saatchi Collection, London, Simmons & Simmons, London, Southampton City Art Gallery, St. Louis Museum, USA, St. Peter’s College, Oxford, Stanhope Properties PLC, London, Tate Gallery, London, Ulster Museum, Northern Ireland, Unilever PLC, London, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco



Aktuelle und vergangene Ausstellungstermine:
Art Cologne 2006 - Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer

Weitere Termine:

2002 Scratch the silence, Whitford Fine Art, London
2001 New Paintings, Galerie Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart (Solo)
2001 Fluid, Wolverhampton City Art Gallery, Wolverhampton
2001 Galerie Wilma Lock, St. Gallen, Switzerland
2000 Elements, Milton Keynes Gallery London, UK (Solo)
2000 The Wreck of Hope, The Nunnery Gallery London, UK (Solo)
2000 Zero Zero Four Four, Crawford Minicipal Gallery Cork (Solo)
2000 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (Solo)
2000 Maureen Paley Interim Art, London (Solo)
2000 Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles (Solo)
2000 Galerie Wilma Lock, St. Gallen, Switzerland (Solo)
2000 Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris (Solo)
2000 Elements, Milton Keyes Gallery, Milton Keynes (Solo)
2000 Prospects Drawing Prize, Essor Project Space, London
2000 Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka, The Design Museum, London and touring
2000 The Saatchi Gift, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
2000 Eight New Paintings, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
2000 The Rowan Collection, Contemporary British & Irish Art, IMMA, Dublin
2000 2000 Shifting Ground: Fifty Years of Irish Art, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
2000 Irish Art Now: From the Poetic to the Political, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago
2000 Premio Michetti: Europe, different perspectives in painting, Museo Michetti
2000 Francavilla al Mare, Italy
2000 The Wreck of Hope, The Nunnery Gallery, London
2000 London Pride, Whitford Fine Art, London
1999-2000 Irish Art Now: From the Poetic to the Political, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College Boston, MA
1999 Drei Positionen in der Malerei, Reinhard Hauff Stuttgart, Germany
1999 POSTMARK: An Abstract Effect, Site Santa Fe, New Mexico
1999 Mary Boone Gallery New York, NY
1999 Kohji Ogura Gallery, Nagoya, Japan (Solo)
1999 Galerie Wilma Lock, St. Gallen, Switzerland (Solo)
1999 Mary Boone Gallery, New York (Solo)
1999 drei positionen in der malerei , Reinhard Hauff, Stuttgart, Germany
1999 Negotiating Small Truths,, College of Fine Arts, The University of Texas, Austin
1999 The Great Drawing Show, 1550 - 1999, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles
1999 A Quiet Storm: Painting in Abstraction, Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles
1999 Macro -Micro, contemporary Painters Negotiate Samll Truths
1999 University of Texas (Blanton Museum of Art)
1999 Zero Zero Four Four, PS.1, New York and Albright -Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo
1999 Postmark: An Abstract Effect, SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico
1999 Only in dreams, Whitford Fine Art, London
1998 Maureen Paley/Interim Art London, UK
1998 Kohn Turner Gallery Los Angeles, CA
1998 Post Naturam - nach der Natur,Stadt Munster Germany
1998 Sensation - Saatchi Collection, Museum fur Gegenwart Berlin
1998 Galleria Emilio Mazzoli Modena, Italy
1998 Kohn Turner Gallery, Los Angeles (Solo)
1998 Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris (Solo)
1998 post Naturam - nach der Natur, Stadt Münster, Germany
1997 Kerlin Gallery Dublin, UK
1997 Galerie Anne de Villepoix Paris, France
1997 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (Solo)
1997 Mary Boone Gallery, New York (Solo)
1997 Galerie Martina Detterer, Frankfurt, Germany (Solo)
1997 Interior, Maureen Paley / Interim Art, London
1997 Surface, GOW Langsford, Auckland, New Zealand
1997 Sensations - Saatchi Collection, Royal Academy of Art, London
1997 Beau Geste, Angles Gallery, Los Angeles
1997 Residue, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
1997 Nat West Painting Prize, London
1996 Terra Nova - New Territories, Harewood House Leeds, UK
1996 Terra Nova - New Territories, Harewood House, Leeds (Solo)
1996 Anne de Villepoix, Paris (Solo)
1996 Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam (Solo)
1996 Absolut Vision, New British Painting in the 1990's, M.O.M.A., Oxford
1996 Scattering Matrix, curated by Jane Hart, Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica
1996 Black, Grey & White, Galerie Bugdahn und Kaimer, Düsseldorf
1996 British Abstract Art III, Flowers East Gallery, London
1996 Whitechapel Open, London
1996 Mary Boone Gallery (Mark Francis, Leonardo Drew, Oliver Herring), New York
1996 IMMA / Glen Dimplex Artists Award, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
1995 Testing the Water, Tate Gallery, Liverpool
1995 Voyage Anglais, Rheimes, France
1995 From Here, Karsten Schubert / Waddington Galleries,
1995 Painters' Opinion, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam
1995 The Adventure of Painting, Kunstvereins Düsseldorf & Stuttgart, Germany
1995 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin (Solo)
1995 Galerie Thieme & Pohl, Darmstadt, Germany (Solo)
1995 Maureen Paley/Interim Art, London (Solo)
1995 City Art Gallery, Manchester (Solo)
1994 Maureen Paley/Interim Art, London
1994 Human Nature, Mark Francis & Brad Lochore, Herve Mikaeloff, Paris
1994 The Curators Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London
1994 New Modern British Paintings (1988 - 1994), Richard Salmon Ltd. London
1994 East 1994, Norfolk Institute of Art & Design, Norwich
1994 Paintmarks, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge
1994 Unveiled, Cornerhouse, Manchester
1994 Europa 94, Munich Order Centre, Munich
1993 Recent Acquisitions, Tate Gallery, London
1993 An Undiscovered Country; 10 Abstract Painters, curated by Charles Hall, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
1993 Ikon Touring Exhibition
1993 Snap Shots, Curated by Anthony Wilkinson, Eagle Gallery, London
1993 A Decade of Collecting, Tate Gallery, London
1993 International Print Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Whitechapel Open, London
1992 South Bank Show, Royal Festival Hall, London
1992 British Art Comes to St Helena, St Helena (selected by Mary Rose Beaumont)
1992 Jill George Gallery, London
1990 Thumb Gallery, London (Solo)
1990 Four Painters, New Academy Gallery, London
1990 Bonhams Contemporary Auction, London
1990 Whitechapel Open, London
1989 Christie's New Contemporaries, Royal College of Art, London
1986 4 New Painters, Paton Gallery, London
1986 ILEA Class of 86', Royal Festival Hall, London
1986 On the Wall Gallery, Belfast
1985 Another View of Ireland, Irish Artists in London
1985 Athena International Awards, Mall Galleries, London
1985 Riverside Open, Riverside Studios, London
1984 Stowells Trophy, Royal Academy of Arts, London
1984 Summer Group Show, Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast
1983 Summer Show, Tom Caldwell Gallery, Dublin
1983 New Contemporaries, The Mall Gallery, London



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