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Several stalks of flowering thistles.

Christian Friedrich Gille

Born: 1805 in Ballenstedt/Harz
Deceased: 1899 in Wahnsdorf/Dresden

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German painter, draughtsman, copper engraver and lithographer

From 1825 Gille studied at the academy of arts in Dresden under J.G.A. Frenzel (1782-1855) and from 1827-1830 under J.Chr.Cl. Dahl (1788- 1857), whose most famous pupil he was.

During his studies Gille earned his living by making lithographs and portaits, e.g. he worked for the „Bilderchronik“ of the Saxonian artists' association.

About 1834 he worked several times together with L.Th. Zöllner (1796-1860), who also teached him lithography. But Gille also worked as a landscape painter and art teacher.

From 1839 until the early 1850s and again from 1894 he lived in Dresden, from 1865 for a few years in Plauen and from 1872 in the area around Dresden and nearby Moritzburg.

The private collector Friedrich Lahmann (1858-1937) from Dresden gathered a large number of oil sketches painted by Gille. His collection was autioned by R. Lepke in 1938. Today Gille's works of art are quite rare at the art market.

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Exhibition catalogue: Christian Friedrich Gille 1805-1899, Staatliche Kunsthalle Dresden – Gemäldegalerie Neue Meister, Leipzig 1994, catalogue 87, Fig. p 79).

BiographyBibliographyArt objects

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