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A cottage.

Jan van Goyen

Born: 1596 in Leiden
Deceased: 1656 in Den Haag

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Goyen, Jan van ◊ A cottage.
Goyen, Jan van ◊ A cottage.


Dutch painter and draughtsman

Jan van Goyen was one of the most important landscape painters of the 17th century. From about 1606 until 1610 he was pupil of five different art teachers, then he trained himself autodidactically. From about 1615 he worked and lived one year in France and then in Leiden for a while.

At his insistent request his father enabled him to study under Esaias van de Velde (about 1591-1630) in Haarlem for one year. This year shaped him very much, which can clearly be seen in his works of art. Then he moved back to Leiden.

From 1632 he lived and worked in Den Haag where he became a famous artist, a highly gifted delineator of nature who was able to catch perfectly the colours, lights and atmosphere for all seasons and at all times of a day.

His drawings he mainly made in nature, his paintings in the studio. But both are characterized by the skilful, lively and easy way he mastered his brushwork or chalk line (compare: Thieme/Becker, vol. XIV, p 462).

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