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Ludwig von Hofmann

Born: 1861 in Darmstadt
Deceased: 1945 in Pillnitz

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German painter and draughtsman

Ludwig Hofmann first studied at the academy of arts in Dresden, then in Karlsruhe under Ferdinand Keller (1842-1922). In 1889 he visited the Académie Julian in Paris.

From 1890 he worked as an artist in Berlin, was member of the „Gruppe der Elf“ and of the „Berliner Secession“.

In 1903 he became professor at the academy of arts in Weimar, where Hans Arp (1886-1966) and Ivo Hauptmann (1886-1973) had been his pupils.

In 1907 Hofman and his wife travelled together with Gerhart Hauptmann and his family through Greece. They started March 26 in Trieste. First stop they made in Corfu for about two weeks, then they visited Piraeus, Athens, Eleusis, Delphi and a few excavation sites at the Peloponnese.

During the journey Hofmann and Hauptmann's son Ivo studied the landscape and made several pastel drawings. (Compare exhibition catalogue: Ludwig von Hofmann. Arkadische Utopien in der Moderne. Darmstadt 2005, p. 398, p. 427, where two pastel drawings of Corfu are shown).

From 1916 until 1931 Hofmann was professor for painting at the academy of arts in Dresden. In 1919 he made the paintings for the reading room of the new German National Library (opened 1916) in Leipzig.

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