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Rose Devil

Dejan Kaludjerovic

Born: 1972 in Belgrade

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One of the most outstanding artists of the younger generation, Dejan Kaludjerovi? brings to the public his 9th solo exhibition, entitled ”Bite the carrot, Bunny! – Keine Angst vor kleinen Tieren”.
Educated in New York, Belgrade, and Vienna, a member of ULUS (the Serbian Artists’ Association) and the Austrian Artists’ Association, IG Bildende Kunst, Kaludjerovi? currently lives and works in Vienna. Works by this artist already form part of five notable Austrian collections.

This is an artist whose interest lies in a striking recycling of history, both personal and collective, and in the finest aspects of society, which automatically implies an attempt to grasp a realistic picture of the future. In this regard, Kaludjerovi? commits himself in project after project, creating his own aesthetic, based on ready materials (maps, photographs, industrial packaging, and in this case a photograph taken from an old issue of Burda) to produce increasingly uncompromising works.


Born in Belgrade in 1972.

1993 School of Visual Art, New York
1994 – 1996 Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade
1996 – 2002 Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (BFA)
2002 – 2004 Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade (MFA)
After the first solo exhibition ATLAS, the critics responded very well, so at the end of the 2000. This exhibition was pronounced for the best Yugoslav debut exhibition of the year.
He is a member of IGBILDENDEKUNST - Austrian society of independent artists, and member of ULUS – Serbian artist’s association.

2002 Three months Artist in Residence in Vienna - Program of IGBILDENDEKUNST supported by Kultur Kontakt Austria

Kupferstichkabinett, Austria
Stadt Wien, Austria
Siemens, Austria
Gesellschaft der Freunde der bildenden Künste, Austria

BiographyExhibitionArt objects


2005 Galerie Blickensdorff, Berlin, Keine Angst vor kleinen Tieren
2004 Galerija Beograd, Belgrade, Bite a carrot, Bunny! (catalogue)
2004 Galerie Rebell Minds, Berlin, Electric girl (catalogue)
2003 Gallerry REMONT, Belgrade, Electric girl (catalogue)
2003 Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg/Vienna, Tomorrow belongs to us? (catalogue)
2002 SCArt, Vienna, Works on paper '98
2001 SKC Gallery, Belgrade, Genocide (catalogue)
2000 Exhibition in Belgrade's Media Centre
2000 DOB Gallery Belgrade, ATLAS (catalogue)

2004 45th International October Salon, Belgrade, Continental Breakfast / curator Anda Rottenberg (catalogue)
2004 Schloss Lamberg, Steyr, Abschrecken (catalogue)
2004 Museum of Modern Art, Saint-Etienne, France, Passage d'Europe / curator Lorand Hegyi (catalogue)
2004 Gallery Studio, Budapest, What do you know about us? / curators H.Stippl, D.Höss, R.Kalman (catalogue)
2004 Gallery Steinek, Vienna Mehrematerial
2004 Gallery Zvono, Belgrade, Age of Innocance / curators M.Grabacic, M.Pekic-Conev (catalogue)
2003 Pavillion Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, CENTRAL New Art from Central Europe
2003 Revelin, Dubrovnik, Croatia, CENTRAL New Art from Central Europe
2003 44th October Salon, Belgrade / curator Milanka Todic (catalogue)
2003 1st Beijing International Art Bienniale, China
2003 Dobrinj, Krk, Croatia, CENTRAL New Art from Central Europe
2003 Gallery Erns Hilger, Vienna, "Teddy bears"
2003 Schloss Eisenstrasse, Waidhofen/Ybbs, Taxi 01 Radikale Ruhe
2003 Gallery REMONT, Belgrade, everything is a copy of a copy of a copy / curator Zana Poliakov (CD rom)
2003 Pavillion Cvjeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, New members of ULUS
2002 Gallery REMONT, Belgrade, New Year Exhibition
2002 IGBILDENDEKUNST Gallery, Vienna, EDITION'02
2002 Art Cologne, Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna
2002 43rd October Salon, Belgrade / curator Lidija Merinik (catalogue)
2002 FIAC 02, Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna
2002 Mannheimer Kunstverein, Mannheim, Germany, New Art from Central Europe / curator. Martin Stather
2002 Manifesta 4, Frankfurt Germany, Archive project
2002 Gallery MAK, Sarajevo, CENTRAL -artLab: New Art from Central Europe
2002 Art Frankfurt, Gallery Ernst Hilger, Vienna
2002 IGBILDENDEKUNST Gallery, Vienna, …you're lucky to even know me... / curator H. Stippl
2002 Ernst Hilger Gallery, artLab program, Vienna,"6 positionen aus 2002" web page
2002 Modern Art Gallery, Pancevo, Transparency / curator A.Zdravkovic (catalogue)
2002 IGBILDENDEKUNST Gallery, Vienna, That's new!
2001 SKC, Belgrade – Workshop BURA
2001 "Cover", published as a cover page of the Publikum calendar of new art and contemporary life No.13, edition for 2002 (catalogue)
2001 Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Konverzacija, A Short - Notice Show / curators B.Dimitrijevic,
B.Andjelkovic, D.Sretenovic (catalogue)
2001 International exhibition The Virtual Mine, Gegenort, Germany
2001 ForumSchloss Wolkersdorf, Austria - Half of the Truth and the Contemporaries
2001 Pavillion Cvjeta Zuzoric, Belgrade, Gral / curator Cedomir Vasic (catalogue)
2001 Anual exhibition of Yugoslavian drawings,Pozega / curator G. Vasiljevic (catalogue)
2001 SOHO in OTTAKRING, Vienna
2001 Cover of the bild.punkt art magazine, Vienna - artwork COVER /may-June 2001/
2001 5th International Festival of Young Independent Artists BREAK21, Ljubljana, Slovenia / curator Petja
Grafenauer (catalogue)
2000 IGBILDENDEKUNST Gallery, Vienna, SOUVENIR / curator Hannah Stippl (catalogue)
2000 IV Yugoslav Biennial of young artists , Vrsac / curator Slavko Timotijevic (catalogue)
1999 DOB Gallery Belgrade, Exhibition of student's drawings (catalogue)
1998 DOB Gallery Belgrade, Exhibition of student's drawings (catalogue)
1997 DOB Gallery Belgrade, Exhibition of student's drawings (catalogue)
1997 FLU Gallery, Belgrade, Devaligia - exhibition of suitcases (catalogue)
1995 "25 May" Museum, Belgrade - Exhibition of the students of the FAA (catalogue

BiographyExhibitionArt objects

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