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Galerie Martin Mertens

Antje Blumenstein - Himmel und Hölle

from Nov 24th, 2006 until Jan 6th, 2007

Galerie Martin Mertens

Linienstraße 148

DE-10115 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 440 433-50

Fax: +49 (0)30 443 279 14



This exhibition takes its title from the sculpture Heaven and Hell- a work that obstructs the entrance to the gallery while simultaneously adjoining the exterior and interior gallery spaces. The work is a direct reference to a well-known folded-paper children’s game popular not only in Germany but also in Asia and the english speaking world. Numbers, sayings or words of wisdom are written on the small folds of papers and revealed or hidden to the player according to chance.
The german title of this popular game is Himmel und Hölle- heaven and hell. This title makes direct reference to christian beliefs and it’s use here is indicative of the christian interpretation of these two opposing terms; heaven and hell, the blessed and the damned. Regardless of one’s decisions it is he who controls the game who sets terms.
It is up to the visitor to decide which space he sees as the interior and which as the exterior- that is to say, which space he sees as heaven and which as hell. Furthermore, he can then enter the gallery through the back entrance thereby changing his perspective again.
With this latest exhibition Blumenstein expands upon her work of the last few years as she continues her exploration into cliches about good and evil, offender and victim, hero and looser. The children’s game motif also links this exhibition to Blumensteins exhibition „neues Wachstum“ in the Galerie Rekord. This exhibition took place in 2005 and focused around the theme of collective and private memory.

Further informations:

Opening: Friday, November 24, 2006, 6 pm
Length of Exhibit: 24.11.06. – 06. 01. 07
(closed from the 22nd – 26th of December and from the 31st of Dec – 2nd Jan)

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Himmel und Hölle

Himmel und Hölle

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