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Galerie Ernst Hilger / hilger contemporary

Opening Daniele Buetti in Wien "Venetian Mirror"

from Dec 14th, 2006 until Jan 21st, 2007

Galerie Ernst Hilger / hilger contemporary

Dorotheergasse 5

AT-1010 Wien

Phone: +43 (0)1 512 531 521 2

Fax: +43 (0)1 513 912 6



Buetti exalts serene human bodies or symbolically gesturing hands into heroic images, which can be used to separate the individual pictures into passive and active. Some bodies emerge out of the ambience, iridescent between grey, brown and green, or are only schematically localised behind a veil in the distance. Others with lowered head and closed eyes deny the onlooker any kind of eye contact. Despite this recoiling and introverted body language, the picture space is steered into the enigmatic by the figures, charged in effect in its reduced imagery. Above all the white points, like light reflexes, wreathing and eddying in cloud-like forms and organic configurations, abstract the physical presence and lend it aura.

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venetian mirror 2

venetian mirror 2

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