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Galerie Poller - Frankfurt - BAE Bien-U: SNM1A-010V

Galerie Poller - Frankfurt - BAE Bien-U: SNM1A-010V

Gruppenausstellung: 7 up

vom 28.06.2007 bis 01.09.2007

US-10001 New York City

BAE Bien-U's subtle yet powerful images address the mysterious force of mystique nature. Thomas Zika also explores the natural world, focusing on our impact on it as humans who can cause destruction and change. Johannes Hepp’s style is informed by documentary photography, though his work exudes a uniquely personal sense embedded in the composition. Also working in a documentary-esque style, Philippe Terrier-Hermann explores aspects of Japanese lifestyles perhaps considered clichéd. Nicolas Howalt and Aindreas Scholz use photography to explore the impact of setting a scene – Howalt commenting on the theatrical aspects of photography on a stage, and Scholz addressing the idea of life as a model. Joachim Schulz creates uniquely self-referential works in which abstract compositions of light and color are direct attention to photography itself.

While each artist speaks in a different visual language, a discernable stream of communication is yielded between the pieces when presented as a group. This artistic discourse is born of the artists’ freedom to explore the creative process unbound by any constraints of the traditional theme-centric exhibition. By refusing to relegate each artist to being simply contrasted to the next, 7-Up allows for a limitless interpretation of contemporary photography.
The artists of 7-Up are young in age and emerging in their careers, and range in experience from multiple solo shows to participation in museum exhibitions. Galerie Poller is pleased to introduce these artists, who are well known in Europe, by offering them the opportunity to display their work in the United States. Galerie Poller also proudly represents all of the artists named in this group exhibition.


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BAE Bien-U: SNM1A-010V

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