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Shintaro Miyake - „Hatchōbori”

Dear friends of Krinzinger Gallery!!!

our next show Shintaro Miyake will open on the 15th of November at 6 p.m. The title of the show is „Hatchōbori”.

SHINTARO MIYAKE was born in 1970 in Tokyo. He graduated from Tama Art University and lives and works in Tokyo. His works of octopus were originally exhibited from 2006 to 2007 at Naoshima, Japan, where the artist met local fishermen who catch octopuses. As a reflection of this experience, his latest works feature the way of living in Edo era (1600-1867) in Japan during which civil culture developed well and various types of merchants including fishermen were on the streets to sell their goods.

Hatchōbori is one of small areas of Chuo ward of Tokyo and it's a place where the Sumida river runs through to Tokyo Bay. Around Hatchobori in Edo (now Tokyo), there were many tradesmen who sell fish, lumber and other daily commodities, and they developed their own culture apart from the other social classes such as warriors, farmers and artisans. In Edo period, there was social hierarchy: the highest class is warriors, then the second is farmers and the third artisans, and the lowest class is tradesmen. They are the lowest but they are lively leading their lives. Therefore, Hatchōbori is like a symbol of such a culture that Shintaro found the similarity the way of octopus fishermen in the present time Naoshima.

We are looking forward to see you!


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