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Views of buildings illuminated for Berlin im Licht, Berlin im Licht

Views of buildings illuminated for Berlin im Licht, Berlin im Licht

Photographer unknown. Views of buildings and locations in Berlin illuminated for the project Berlin im Licht. 1928. 20 vintage warm-toned ferrotyped gelatin silver prints on ivory paper. Each circa 23 x 16,5 cm and 16,5 x 23 cm. Several annotated in pencil on the verso.

Losnummer: 4130

From October 13 - 16, 1928, together with various business organizations and the lighting industry (AEG, Siemens & Halske, Osram), the city of Berlin initiated a visionary propaganda campaign for electric light advertising and illumination of the city under the slogan Berlin im Licht (Berlin Alight). It was a sensation throughout Germany and a spectacular tribute to modern city life. Already in the early 1920s the designer Walter Dexel had developed the first gas light for advertising purposes. As of 1926 he worked in Frankfurt and designed light advertising to unify facades and create harmony between architecture and advertising, using larger designs on facades and on rooftops, as well as illuminated phone booths and columns.
The present group of 20 night views, which are a brilliant testimony to the New Vision in photography of the time, as well as urban and architectural photography, were taken to document the Berlin im Licht event. The collection offered here is a part of the complete series which included circa 100 - 150 views. Only a few albums were made with a series of 100 photographs each to illustrate the Berlin im Licht project. One is in the collection of the Stadtmuseum Berlin which was exhibited in 2008 and contained many of the photographs offered here. This group offers an overview of the many locations involved in the project, among them many modern buildings designed by renowned architects.
The buildings include department stores such as Kaufhaus des Westens ("KaDeWe", designed by Johann Emil Schaudt), as well as different branch offices of Hermann Tietz ("Hertie"). A selection of images, which strongly follow the line of the New Objectivity movement in photography, depict various building fronts with lighting advertisements, as well as the Titania-Palast, Steglitz (Schoffler, Schlönbach & Jacobi) and places of public entertainment such as Potsdamer Platz with Haus Vaterland (Franz Schwechten).
– Several with light pressure marks in corners from album slits, some with minimal oxidation mirroring in edges and corners, most with minimal edge wear, one with stronger crease in upper left, otherwise most in good to very good condition. With: Max Krajewsky. Osram Werk building Berlin, 1927. Vintage gelatin silver print. 17 x 22 cm. Photographer's blindstamp lower right; photographer's stamp and annotated in pencil on the verso. - In very good condition.

Lit.: Franziska Nentwig (ed.). Berlin im Licht. Berlin 2008, ill. pp. 2 and 224-236.


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