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Joan Mitchell und Charles Hine, Smoke, 1988

Joan Mitchell und Charles Hine, Smoke, 1988

Mitchell, Joan. - Hine, Charles. Smoke. 2 Bl. Titel, 16 numer. Bögen, 2 Bl. Kolophon. Mit 16 signierten farbigen Aquatinta-Radierungen ("diptych-etchings") von Joan Mitchell. 35,5 x 23 cm. Lose Bögen in OUmschlag und OLeinenkassette. San Francisco, Limestone Press, 1988.

Losnummer: 3410

Eines von 10 numerierten Exemplaren (Gesamtauflage 90 Ex.), bei denen jede Graphik von Joan Mitchell signiert wurde. "Smoke is a book of sixteen diptych etchings with poems. Joan Mitchell made the etchings using sugarlift and spitbite aquatint techniques at Limestone Press, San Francisco, in May, 1988. The poems by Charles Hine were set in 12 pt. Bodoni monotype and hand-printed from a flatbed press. The etchings and poems were printed by Jill Livermore assisted by Yo Shimano, on Arches 280 gm paper. ... Books 1-10 are presented in folio in a handmade box, each print signed and numbered by the artist." In der beiliegenden "Publisher's Note" heißt es: "In May 1988, Joan Mitchell spent two weeks in San Francisco exploring monotype and etching techniques at Limestone Press. It was during the last few days of that period that she made the sixteen diptych etchings aligned with Charles Hine's poems in the folio called Smoke. As Hine tells it, Mitchell looked at fifteen poems of his about tobacco prior to beginning the book. When such things as plate size, paper and the placement of the diptych plates on the lefthand page had been decided, they talked about texts. At this point she asked for the tobacco poems, allowing for the addition of new poems. Except for four poems directly about tobacco, the poems in the final book are new and were written to the feeling of the project with Michell, and to the look of the etchings. Parallel to each other, the etchings and the poems together redouble a contemplative mood. Hine's strophes are succinct, each tending toward a specific nexus of statement. They announce the premises upon which Mitchell's headlong strokes expand and flourish. The subjects are elemental. The smudged whites of the plate tone allow for the 'air' that is the major site of imaginative activity in word and gesture alike. Here we see Michell's graphic acumen celebrating itself. Where her recent big paintings let fly with color, the reductive surface and exquisite color choices within the etching process have led her to concentrate on figure/ground relations at their most compressed. Accordingly, her characteristic themes - tremors of identity in reflexive time, the complex nature of immediate sensation, feelings after visible fact (feelings that are then returned to an analogous visibility) - recur with a special definition and bite. These prints are the epigrams and aphorisms of an otherwise epic improviser, ample and songful as Mitchell's present mastery permits." – Tadelloses Exemplar.


Am 16.10.2018 bis 18.10.2018 112. Auktion: Wertvolle Bücher, Dekorative Graphik und Autographen

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