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58. Art auction

from Apr 5th, 2006 until Apr 6th, 2006

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58. Art auction

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
Antiques, start 3 p.m.

Thursday, April 6th, 2006
Old Masters, start 3 p.m.
19th century paintings, start 5 p.m.

The 2006 auction year starts im Kinsky with a large selection of Old Masters, 19th century paintings and antiques. The auction starts on April 5th with an extensive offer of antiques; Old Masters and 19th century paintings will be auctioned on the following day.

Further informations:

Old Masters

A painting by the Dutch artist Jan van Goyen is a magnificent masterpiece in the "Old Masters" category: the “river landscape with five cows on an outward bend of a bank” is a characteristic work of the painter’s Tonalistic phase and is estimated at € 100,000–150,000 by the Kinsky experts.

A charming small view of Venice with the Pietà church by Giacomo Guardi, the son of the famous Venetian vedutist, Franceso Guardi, captivates with its typical Venetian hazy style of painting (€ 50,000–100,000).

A finely painted river landscape by Herman Saftleven is also attractive which belongs to every topographical, not locatable “river fantasy” with realistic echos, which Saftleven is well-known for (€ 20,000–30,000).

A large painting by Stephan Kessler, one of the most important Austrian representatives of the Renaissance to Baroque transition period, is also particularly worth mentioning. Kesslers Old Testament scene from the Book of Daniel (“Daniel and King Cyrus in Bel’s temple") presented with Baroque opulence comes under the hammer for € 20,000–40,000).

Last but not least, two small format “Rhine landscapes” designed as pendants by Franz de Paula Ferg, whose richness of detail in the presentation of the landscape as well as the living figures is also convincing, should also find favour (€ 15,000–20,000).

19th century paintings

A masterpiece of the painting brilliance of Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller is presented as highlight of the paintings on offer: Waldmüller created “Portrait of the Gierster family” in 1838, in the period when he was at the peak of his portrait painting (€ 200,000–400,000). Formerly in the possession of the industrial and bankers family, Popper, the painting was located in the Vienna Museum (Wien Museum) for decades until it was recently returned to its legal owner.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller’s “Child portrait of Count Esterhazy” is also of notable provenance: once in the Bloch-Bauer collection, the portrait of the young Count Esterhazy will be auctioned for € 120,000–250,000.

The impressive “Deer hunt with dogs and retrievers” by Friedrich Gauermann was originally in the Kaiser’s collection – the painting is estimated at € 100,000–200,000.

Another highlight of the auction items was also in the Vienna Museum (Wien Museum) for a long time and this picture is also one of the examples of the recent restitution history: “The street in Arco” by Robert Russ impressively emphasises the sensibility of the painter for light effects and the dissolving of the colour (€ 70,000–100,000).
The second picture on offer from Robert Russ is no less remarkable: captivatingly beautiful, this “View of Sirmione at Lake Garda” captures the glimmering atmosphere of the southern light (€ 70,000–120,000).

A painting by Olga Wisinger-Florians stands out in the Atmospheric Impressionism items: with its incomparable, light saturated colours, she conjures up a gorgeous park idyll on the canvas (€ 50,000–100,000).

An orientalised genre scene by Carl Leopold Müller has a particularly exotic charm. Despite its sketch like character, this draft design for a large oil painting is unusually balanced and has convincing colouristic finesse (€ 35,000–50,000).

Very good resonance can also be expected for a late watercolour by Rudolf von Alt with the illustration of the Votive Church (€ 30,000–50,000).

The evening auction items are rounded off with selected paintings by Tina Blau, Josef Danhauser, Hugo Darnaut, Thomas Ender, Theodor von Hörmann, Johann Matthias Ranftl, Johann Baptist Reiter, Alfred Zoff and many others.


A notable rarity of the antiques assortment is represented by a “Blessing Scroll” from the early 18th century which originally belonged to the Vienna Archbishop Franz Ferdinand von Rummel. Only five comparable “Blessing Scrolls” from the 17th and 18th centuries which should protect the bearers from dangers are known in the German-speaking area (€ 50,000–100,000).

A focus of the auction items this time is a series of particularly nice tapestries: Two magnificent finely-worked wall tapestries with scenes from the Trojan War which were produced in the first half of the 17th century have an estimated auction value of € 30,000–50,000.

Another sought-after collector’s item is a full-length mirror dated around 1810 which can be ascribed to Josef Danhauser (€ 14,000–28,000).

Discriminating bronze collectors can look forward to a rich selection of Italian small bronzes from the Renaissance and wrought-iron lovers will be enthused by a magnificent wrought-iron 17th century lamp (€ 7,000–14,000).

An extensive collection of paperweights and Biedermeier glasses, from Anton Kothgasser and others, show that top quality items can also be acquired for “bargain prices” – the estimated values are at a level of € 500–10,000.

Following the success of the last auction with curiosities and unusual collectors items from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there is also an emphasis this time on particular kinds of collectors items: a Black Death (Plague) hood can change owners for € 3,500, a torture rack for € 2,800, and a grotesque helmet in turn is estimated at € 7,000–12,000.

As always, well designed catalogues with detailed descriptions of all exhibits are published for the auction. The complete catalogue can also be found at

Daily from March 28th, 2006, Mon–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 12 noon–5pm

If you need additional information or press photos, please do not hesitate and contact Ms Mag. Gudrun Kutschi ( or phone +43 1 532 42 00-11).



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 Jan van Goyen

Jan van Goyen "river landscape with five cows on an outward bend of a bank"

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