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Ernst Hilger Gallery: Art37Basel

Ernst Hilger Gallery: Art37Basel

We are proud to announce our continous participation at Art37Basel 14. – 18. Juni 06 Stand/booth A2

Massimo Vitali
The photographer was born in Como in 1944 and studied classical painting in Milan and London. He has been working exclusively in photography for 25 years. Massimo Vitali stands on platforms or ladders 5 metres high and photographs his fellow-countrymen and -women on beaches, in discos and shopping centres, at parties and airports. He deliberately bases his perception on history painters of past centuries. Exhibitions with Massimo Vitali's large-format pictures of massed groups transport to the viewer the heat on the beach just as much as the gay jostle of a party.
Hubert Schmalix
one of the leading representatives of the so called „Neue Wilden“ – the New Wild Gang - who from the late seventies onwards gave the art market a whole new boost with their expressive style of painting – started out by taking a representational approach even his early works. His motifs are the classic genres of still life, portraits, landscapes and nudes. The artist has a wild and expressive mode of addressing the objective world and the human image, though in recent years ever more serenity and depth have found their way into his work. He manifests his subtle feeling for the nuances of colour and composition in his affinity to sensuous painting, in which the elements of gesture, expression, myth and ornament unite.

John Gerrard

A portrait to smile for a single day of every year. This day, February 1st, is of the models own choosing. Originally derived from a 3D scan this work in realtime 3d could be described as a sculptural photograph, an amalgam of photographic information in three dimensions overlapping with the arenas of painting and sculpture. The artist has described this new form as an ‘image object’. In the work the sitter (a friend of the artist) is placed in a simple room. Light streams in through a curtain to the left. The quality of this light changes over the course of day and night. Using a sculptural presentation device in corian plastic the public can look around the portrait by turning the screen on which it is shown. Portrait to Smile Once a Year (Mary)

Further artists at Art37Basel:
Daniele Buetti, Oliver Dorfer, Erró, Flavio Favelli, John Gerrard, Anton Henning (works from 1989-92), Alfred Hrdlicka, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Jiri Kolar, Andreas Leikauf, Angel Marcos, Brian McKee, Julie Monaco, Josef Felix Müller, Hermann Nitsch, Mel Ramos, Mimmo Rotella, Hubert Schmalix, Hans Staudacher, Massimo Vitali, Leo Zogmayer.

Ernst Hilger Gallery
Dorotheergasse 5
Dorotheergasse 12
1010 Wien
T: (+43-1) 512 53 15
F: (+43-1) 513 91 26

Artis biographies and artworks:
Erró (Gudmundur Gudmundsson) Oliver Dorfer Allen Jones Gerard Fromanger Ottmar HörlAndreas LeikaufBarbara Sophie NägleBrian McKeeGeorg Eisler Pierre AlechinskyPhillip ZaiserAnastasia KhoroshilovaMel RamosAlfred Hrdlicka Sebastian Weissenbacher Karl Korab Julie MonacoMonika GoetzMassimo Vitali Eric BinderFlavio FavelliJohn GerrardEduard AngeliChristian Ludwig Attersee Jiri Kolar Peter KrawagnaJacques Monory Oswald Oberhuber Bernard RancillacGeorg RihaFranz Ringel Mimmo RotellaHans StaudacherBerenice DarrerHermann Nitsch

Source: © Galerie Ernst Hilger - Wien


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