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Siemens_artlab: Ivana Franke, Saso Vrabic

from Aug 24th, 2006 until Sep 30th, 2006

Ivana Franke In our perception there are 3 dimensions, which we ascribe to a physical space. They play a fundamental role in our comprehension of the world around us. Saso Vrabic entered the art world in the late nineteen-nineties. He is a characteristic ...more

Hilger Gallery at the ART MOSCOW

from May 17th, 2006 until May 21st, 2006

Artists at the ART MOSKOW: Erró, Oliver Dorfer, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Angel Marcos, Julie Monaco, Mel Ramos, Mimmo Rotella, Massimo Vitali. ...more

Participating artists
Erró (Gudmundur Gudmundsson) Anastasia KhoroshilovaMel RamosJulie MonacoMassimo Vitali Mimmo Rotella

Siemens_artLab: Milica Ruzicic

from May 4th, 2006 until Jun 3rd, 2006

The work Animalies consists of two series of animals with exchanged skins. They differ in size - the first series is made up of small sculptural sketches, which serve as a pattern for the second series in which animalies are made in natural size. It ...more

Galerie Hilger at viennAfair 6.-9. April 06

from Apr 6th, 2006 until Apr 9th, 2006

Artists at the viennAfair: Eduard Angeli, Daryoush Asgar, Daniele Buetti, Berenice Darrer, Oliver Dorfer, Alfred Hrdlicka, Andreas Leikauf, Julie Monaco, Nikolaus Moser, Franz Ringel, Hubert Schmalix, Hans Staudacher, Massimo Vitali. Standnummer ...more

Hilger contemporary: Markus Wetzel

from Mar 30th, 2006 until Apr 29th, 2006

Markus Wetzel uses islands equally as forms of reality and fiction: his computer pictures and installation objects stretch fictional, model-type space to the ultimate, the moment in which fiction seems to tip over into reality. The aesthetic quality ...more

Galerie Ernst Hilger: Alfred Hrdlicka Musik Mozart

from Feb 23rd, 2006 until Mar 25th, 2006

Vernissage, thursday 23 february 2006, 7 p.m., the exhibition lasts until 25 march 2006. ...more

Participating artists
Alfred Hrdlicka

ArchivArchive*:  - 08/2000


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