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Hermann Wilhelm Vogel, Bilder aus dem Thiergarten, 1866

Hermann Wilhelm Vogel, Bilder aus dem Thiergarten, 1866

"Bilder aus dem Thiergarten. Nach der Natur Photographirt", Dr. H. Vogel. 1866. 10 arch-topped, gold-toned albumen prints. Each circa 23,3 x 18,7 cm and 18,6 x 23,2 cm. Each mounted to board (some edge wear, time-stained in edges, some with repaired tears, some foxing) with printed title and photographer's name below the image on the mount and paper label with title and number in lower right corner of mount. In original red canvas portfolio with gilt-stamped title Bilder aus dem Thiergarten on front cover (title page missing). Owner entry in ink "Wilhelm Hauchecorne, 9 October 1906" on inside cover. Berlin, Louis Gerschel, 1866.

Losnummer: 4061

Together with Josef Maria Eder, Hermann Wilhelm Vogel is considered one of the most important and internationally renowned inventors and photochemists of his time. Surprisingly, he also left behind an important photographic oeuvre, which testifies to his strong passion for observing nature and photography. Undoubtedly, this series of the Berlin Tiergarten is one of the most beautiful German photographic works of the mid-19th century. These rare and famous views from 1866 are offered here for the first time at auction. The only other portfolio known to us is in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt (W. Wiegand Collection). Photograph N° 8 ‘beim großen Stern’ is especially notable, taken against the light of the evening sun.
The titles include: 1. Hofjäger; 2. Löwenbrücke; 3. Schafgraben; 4. Königsdenkmal; 5. Brücke (beim Königsdenkmal); 6. Rousseau-Insel; 7. Rendez-vous (bei der Rosseau-Insel); 8. Sonnenblick (beim Großen Stern); 9. Abend (bei Bellevue); 10. Gartenhaus (bei Bellevue). – Some small retouched spots, mostly in corners, some surface scuff marks, otherwise rich, strong violet-brown prints in very good to near excellent condition.

Provenance: Most likely a gift to the Berlin Kammergerichtsrat (highest state court official) Dr. Wilhelm Hauchecorne jr. (1856-1940), the son of Heinrich Lambert Wilhelm Hauchecorne (1828-1900) a German geologist of French Huguenot parentage.


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