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Jochen Lempert, Paris: Architektur und Koerperbild, 1992

Jochen Lempert, Paris: Architektur und Koerperbild, 1992

"Paris: Architektur und Koerperbild". 1992/printed 2001. 5 gelatin silver prints mounted together as a polyptychon. 14 x 45 cm. 2 prints signed, dated and titled by the photographer in pencil on the verso, mounted behind glass in wooden frame (27,5 x 58 cm).

Losnummer: 4255

Jochen Lempert studied biology from 1980-88 and worked as a biologist. By the early 1990s he came to photography with a keen understanding of the natural world. His subject is mainly nature: animals, plants and other natural phenomena such as waves, clouds and lava streams. He uses analogue photography to experiment with various techniques, for example the photogram, or purposely employs calculated effects such as soft focus, the grainy texture of an enlargement or, as in this piece, creases and tears in the printing paper. Many of his images do not reveal themselves upon first viewing and require a more careful look. Often abstract patterns take time to develop into the actual object they are. He has had solo exhibitions at the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, as well as in St. Louis and Barcelona. This is a rare early variant of this work which was later reduced to consist of only four images. This and the following three lots were directly purchased from the artist.

Provenance: Purchased directly from the artist.


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