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Galerie Poller - Palace Staircase #3

Galerie Poller - Palace Staircase #3

Brian McKee - DETRITUS

vom 05.09.2003 bis 26.10.2003

Galerie Poller

Dreikönigsstr. 57

DE-60594 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: +49 (0)69 624 042

Telefax: +49 (0)69 629 227

For the past four years I have traveled throughout America and Eastern Europe photographing sites that represent important political and social events in contemporary world history. My most recent project in Afghanistan is a continuation of this larger conceptual body of work. Acting as a kind of visual historian I seek to create images that convey a unique and important view of select aspects of World History. Within architecture and landscapes I find my true subject, the detritus of civilization, and seek to explore the way we define and relate to its existence. Although creating precisely composed and executed images I carefully chose projects that have a conceptual meaning and importance beyond their visual interest or beauty. These images from Afghanistan encompass and express the intents of my vision as an artist.

Weitere Informationen: www.artist-info.com/artist/Brian-McKee


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Palace Staircase #3

Palace Staircase #3

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