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Einladung zur Art 38 Basel 2007

At ART 38 BASEL, we are pleased to present both new and rare works by Adam Adach, Herbert Brandl, Ernst Caramelle, Helmut Federle, Bernard Frize, Katharina Grosse, Agnieszka Kalinowska, Imi Knoebel, Lee Ufan, Isa Melsheimer, Karin Sander, Jörg Sasse, Adrian Schiess, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Günter Umberg.

This year HERBERT BRANDL will be representing Austria at the Venice Biennial. His Biennial contribution includes a number of grandiose new works, and we are fortunate enough to be able to have two of these on display.

As a truly rare item, we will be showing IMI KNOEBEL's 1970s large-format "Mennigebild".
"Imi Knoebel - Werke von 1966 bis 2006…" runs till July 1 at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen.

We will be showing one of the few works on the market by LEE UFAN, whose exhibition "Resonance" at the Palazzo Palumbo Fossati will be running parallel to the Venice Biennial. With minimal brushstrokes the artist has once again managed to capture endlessness in his painting series "Dialogue."

HELMUT FEDERLE will be represented by a new painting in which he gesturally sets forth his special brand of abstraction that is a distillation of a wealth of awareness and perception processes.

With her new object made of broken and cut stone and embroidered fabrics, ISA MELSHEIMER gives us a unique and complex view of a world of narrative material and image design.

The deep colors of GÜNTER UMBERG's "radikale Bilder" are made all the more stunning by the juxtaposition of a recent monochrome work with a large-format paper work from 1976, a major work in the history of Minimal Art.

JÖRG SASSE's photographic works are depiction and reflection at the same time. They are illusion and it's exposure. Sasse's works are currently shown at the gallery; as in the solo show "d8207" at the museum kunst palast in Düsseldorf from June to August.

KARIN SANDER, who will take part in the 10th "Triennale Kleinplastik 2007" in Fellbach/Germany from June to September, we can gladly present with a completely new work, a tableau casted of white chocolate.

ADRIAN SCHIESS's brand-new large-format works "Flache Arbeiten" are an installation that combines enormous blown-up details of his paintings with photo motifs from nature.

With one object and several drawings, we will be presenting works by the Belgian artist JOËLLE TUERLINCKX for the first time. The artist explores the relation between language on the one hand and image and space on the other. In her work she juxtaposes grammatical systems with spatial ones.

With her large-scale installation created especially for Art Unlimited, KATHARINA GROSSE sets forth an artistic concept she is currently showing at The Renaissance Society in Chicago and which is based on the idea of the "expiration date as a metaphor."

From June 13-17, 2007, you can find us at ART 38 BASEL in Hall 2.0, Booth T2 and at Art Unlimited, Booth H2.

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Herbert BrandlErnst CaramelleHelmut FederleJörg SasseBernard FrizeKatharina GrosseImi KnoebelAdam AdachAdrian SchiessGünter UmbergKarin SanderIsa MelsheimerAgnieszka KalinowskaJoëlle TuerlinckxLee Ufan

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