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Brian McKee

Geboren: 1977 in Kansas City


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McKee, Brian ◊ Usbekistan # 24, 2003
McKee, Brian ◊ Usbekistan # 24, 2003


Born 1977 in Kansas City, Missouri, attended the Interlochen Arts Academy and Bard College studying photography with Stephen Shore, Larry Fink and Barbara Ess. Worked as assistant and studio manger to Lynn Davis 1996-2001. Currently lives and works in New York City.

About the work

For the past four years I have traveled throughout America and Eastern Europe photographing sites that represent important political and social events in contemporary world history. My most recent project in Afghanistan is a continuation of this larger conceptual body of work. Acting as a kind of visual historian I seek to create images that convey a unique and important view of select aspects of World History. Within architecture and landscapes I find my true subject, the detritus of civilization, and seek to explore the way we define and relate to its existence. Although creating precisely composed and executed images I carefully chose projects that have a conceptual meaning and importance beyond their visual interest or beauty. These images from Afghanistan encompass and express the intents of my vision as an artist.

All images are photographed with a Deardorff 8x10 inch camera on Fuji negative film. Final print sizes vary from 30x40 inches to 50x60 inches and are in an edition of 5.



Aktuelle und vergangene Ausstellungstermine:
Eikon auf PULSE NEW YORK 2008
Eikon auf ART COLOGNE 2008
Eikon auf der ViennAfair 2008
Eikon auf der ART AUSTRIA 2008
Eikon auf der ART BASEL 2008

Weitere Termine:

Solo Exhibitions

2003 - Brian McKee - Afghanistan, Galerie Hilger, Wien
2003 - Brian McKee - Afghanistan, Galerie Poller, Frankfurt am Main
2002 - Fotografie aus New York: Gallery KunstRaum, Essen, Germany

2001 - The Soviet Military Bases: KunstMarkt , Krefeld, Germany

1999 - SITES: Olin Gallery, Annandale, New York

Group Exhibitions

2003 - ART 34 Basel, Galerie Hilger
2003 - Arco: with Gallery Christa Schubbe, Madrid, Spain

2002 - Mudai: Gallery Christa Schubbe, Dusseldorf, Germany

2002 - October Report: The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University

2002 - The Blue Square: Gallery Viehofer Strasse 26, Essen, Germany

2002 - International Young Art: Sotheby’s Tel Aviv

2002 - International Young Art: Sotheby’s Amsterdam

2002 - International Young Art: Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, New York

2000 - Annual New Images Exhibition: New Images Gallery, James Madison University, Virginia

Upcoming Solo Exhibitions
2003 - Galerie Hilger, Wien

2003 - Galerie Poller, Frankfurt am Main

Upcoming Group Exhibitions

2003 - ART Basel, Galerie Hilger
Fall 2003 - 25 Under 25: Tisch Gallery, New York, New York


1999 - The Eugene Atget Prize for Photography presented by Bard College

2001- International Emerging Young Artist: Sponsored by ArtLink and Sotheby’s and followed by a series of group shows with Sotheby’s Auction House

2001- 25 Under 25: Sponsored by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies and followed by the publication of 25 Under 25



29.9 - 03.10.05: EIKON auf dem ART FORUM BERLIN

Weitere Publikationen:

Upcoming Publications

March 2003: Featured Artist Portfolio: Bardian Magazine

Fall 2003: Artist Portfolio: Eikon

September 2003: 25 Under 25: sponsored by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies and published by Powerhouse Books


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