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Projekt : National Anthems

Nezaket Ekici

Projekt : National Anthems, 2005

video installation
Video: 2 videos: each video 3:02 min., DVD, PAL, loop
Camera by Nezaket Ekici

Stilrichtung:: Video-Kunst
Kunstsparte:: Film und Video
Material/Medium/Technik:: Video

Weitere Details:

With the video Instillation "National Anthems", Nezaket Ekici explores the universal topics of identity and nationality by offering personal renditions of the national anthems of Germany and Turkey. She intends to illustrate the social and political implications inherent in cross-cultural divides using her self as the vantage point. Ekici is an artist constantly confronted with the duality imposed by two cultures as she was born in Turkey and raised in Germany. She sings the Turkish national anthem using the melody of the German national anthem and vice versa to illustrate a new empathic understanding of cultural integration. The two national anthems overlap but are not used by the artist to undermine the national pride of either nation. Ultimately the performance represents a personal reflection of the difficulties and complexities involved in the process of cultural interchange.

Biographie und Kunstwerke: Nezaket Ekici


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