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Richard Posner

in South Central Los Angeles, California USA

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Richard Posner is an Berlin-based, American-born assemblage-artist. His doppelgänger is „a craftsman, hunched
over a kitchen table full of detritus in a dimly-lit hinterhof-atelier (who) abracadabras flotsam and jetsam into a
plastic toy vehicle, one at a time, by hand.“ Like the coconut-shell clomping horseman in Monty Python and
The Holy Grail, Posner’s black humor engages viewers in serious fun, seriously.

GWOTBOTS / Global War On Terror Robots demonstrate Posner’s ability to transform childish second-
hand toys into mature first-rate artwork. His Nabokovian exhibition title anagram is a bittersweet critique
of the coalition-of-the-willing Iraqi occupation zeitgeist:

G lobal War On Terror Robots elect faith-driven chief executive officer.
W orkers revolt, demand secular control of plastic toy vehicle production.
O il field strike ignites insurgent vs. infidel black-gold power struggle.
T housands killed and maimed from plastic toy vehicle assembly-line sabotage.
B ankruptcy triggers bizarre twists in god-fearing vs. prophet-sharing holy war.
O ffshore plastic toy vehicle manufacture outsourced to undisclosed locations.
T errorists hijack plastic toy vehicle caravan, behead passengers and drivers.
S tork delivers sextuplets to strawberry blond in back seat of plastic toy vehicle.

GWOTBOTS are named after the villages, towns and cities around the world where terrorist activity,
i.e. nonlinear and noncontiguous fighting - where there is no front line and no such thing as an innocent
civilian - has either occured or is presently happening.

GWOTBOTS question the gun-toting, god-fearing and gay bashing aspects of current U.S. Administration
reaction to this violence. Each inanimate toy vehicle becomes a derisive probe, ricocheting off one-
another to create an ideological traffic jam of epic proportions.

GWOTBOTS challenge the ‚If you are not with us you are with the enemy,’ threats of political blackmail
from men behind thrones. The hybrid vehicles drive against traffic on the one-way street named ‚If you
tell a lie often enough people will believe it true.’ Two of many expressions of political propaganda
currently favored by top Bush advisor Mr. Karl Rove, and culled from collected writings of the early
Wizard of Oz and the late Joseph Goebbels.

GWOTBOTS invite reflection upon the ways which design activity and political thought are indivisible.

Global War On Terror Robots have become prescient -- as daily accounts of mounting
Iraqi deaths appear in the news, itself an anagram of the words North,East,West,South,

„Folks, I don’t make this stuff up,“ Posner says, quoting humorist Will Rogers,
„all I know is what I read in the newspapers.“

Copywrite R. Byte & M. Frei 2004


Selected Education
1976 M.F.A. California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, California, USA

Selected Awards
2004 Fulbright Fellow, Guest Artist, Bronze Foundry, Kunsthochschule Weissensee
2003 Fulbright Fellow, Guest Artist, Architecture Program, Technical University Berlin
2002 Jackson Pollock - LeeKrasner Foundation Fellow, New York
2001 Artist-in-Residence, Blue Mountain Center, Blue Mountain Lake, New York
2000 Artist-in-Residence, Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, Hochschule der Kuenst, Berlin
Artist-in-Residence, Harzkristall Glass Factory, (former East) Germany
1999 Artist-in-Residence, Institut fuer Gruenplanung und Gartenarchitektur, Univ. Hannover
1979 Fulbright Fellow, Guest Artist, Konstfackskoland, Stockholm Sweden
1977 National Endowment for the Arts Fellow, Exploratorium, San Francisco

Selected Public Projects
2004 Mein Leben Grit, Berliner Ensemble, German-American Fulbright Commission
2002 Seven Forbidden Names For God As Anthrax Letters, University of Illinois, USA
2000 Der WiderHakenKraeuterGarten, Stadtkunstprojekt commissioned memory garden for Freiheit 8 Synagogue site, Berlin-Koepenick Germany
1992 Hope Diamond, temporary earthwork, University of Southern California
Consumers Lobby, main entry, U.S. Food & Drug Administration District Headquarters, Bothell, WA. Awarded American Public Art Design Excellence First Prize
1987 Tunnel Garden, pedestrian tunnel, University of Washington, Seattle

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2004 Global War On Terror Robots, Galerie Blickensdorff, Berlin
1995 LA Earthquake Reconstructions, Patricia Correia Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1988 Poor Richard's Almanac, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN
1987 Pro-American Bandstand, Painted Bride Arts Center, Philadelphia, PA
Memory in Aftermath of Vietnam Wash.Project for the Arts, Washington, DC
1985 Posner Drawing and Sculpture: 1975-85, Center on Cont.Art, Seattle, WA
1979 Fowl Music, Galleri Mornier, Stockholm, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions
2004 Art Cologne, Galerie Blickensdorff, Berlin
Bottle Rockets, BerlinerKunst Projekt, Berlin
2002 Baseball & Playing Indian (w/Charlene Teters) American Natural History Mus. NYC
1996-2000 It's Only Rock 'N Roll Traveling exhibition organized by Phoenix (AZ) Museum of Art
1995 Old Glory New Story, Capp Street Project, San Francisco
1989-92 A Different War, Frederick White Gallery, UCLA
1988-90 The Eloquent Object, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Monument and Memorial, New Langton Arts, San Francisco
1987 New Sculpture, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
1982 New Directions, Musee des Arts Decoraifs of the Louvre, Paris, France
1979 Glass Americans, Hessiches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, West Germany

Selected Collections
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

2000 The Gate of Heaven Broken glass garden documentation, Berlin-Köpenick
1995 Hope Diamond, Stained grass turf painting documentation, Los Angeles, CA. gentrification of Culver City Hayden Tract Industrial Park neighborhoodtime-lapse chronicle of creation/dissolution of temporary earthwork made in the aftermath of 1993 Consumer's Lobby, Bar-code crosswalks, mural documentation, Seattle, WA.

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


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2000 The Gate of Heaven Berlin broken glass garden project documentation
1995 Meetings with Remarkable Men, Work-in-progress documentary about gentrification of Culver City Hayden Tract Industrial Park neighborhood.
Hope Diamond, in-progress time-lapse chronicle of creation/dissolution of temporary earthwork made in the aftermath of 1992 Los Angeles Uprising
1991 Consumer's Lobby, KIRO/CBS TV, Seattle, July 1991
1989 Goddess of Liberty AnteChamber, Austin City Council debate over an ant farm/shoji screen public artwork proposal for Robert Mueller Airport.
1986 Richard Posner, KCTS TV, Public Television Seattle
1985 Veterans Lobby, KING TV, NBC affiliate, Seattle
1984 Glassblowers, Bilingual musical based on dust jacket synopsis of the Daphne DuMaurier novel of the same name
1983 Crystal Pallets, KPTV TV, ABC Affiliate, Portland

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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