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Adrian Ludwig Richter

Born: 1803 in Dresden
Deceased: 1884 in dresden

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German painter, draughtsman and illustrator

Son of the engraver Karl August Richter (1770-1848). First he was teached by his father, later on he studied at the academy of arts in Dresden. 1820/21 he accompanied Prince Narischkin through France.

The publisher Arnold, for whom he and his father worked, organized for him a grant for a three years stay in Italy. in 1823 he travelled via Salzburg, Tyrol and Florence to Rome, where he joined the circle of painters from Dresden around C. Wagner (1796-1867) and E.F. Oehme (1797-1855).

In addition he was influenced by the Nazarene movement and he worked together with Joseph Anton Koch (1768-1839), Johann Christian Reinhart (1761-1847) and Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794-1872). Spring 1825 he travelled with several other artists to Naples and Paestum.

Back in Dresden he became a teacher at the drawing school in Meißen (1828-1835) and he started to make illustrations for books, beside others for fairytales (e.g. for the famous edtion of the 'Volksmährchen der Deutschen' by J.K.A. Musäus from 1842), which caused his popularity. At all he illustrated more than 150 books. 1836 he became a teacher, 1841 professor at the academy of arts in Dresden.

Richter was one of the most important artists of the German Romantic and Biedermeier period. He created lovely, idyllic and fabulous pictures which became - and still are - very popular.


Catalogue: Ludwig Richter und sein Kreis. Ausstellung zum 100. Todestag im Albertinum zu Dresden. Dresden, 1984.

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