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Ira Schneider

Born: 1939 in Manhattan

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born in 1939 in Manhattan, was a member of the video collective “Raindance Corporation”, founded by Frank Gillette, which published the journal “RADICAL SOFTWARE” from 1970 to 1974. The “Raindance Corporation” and its journal represented a media-ecological conviction. They took the standpoint that social contacts and the psyche were negatively influenced by information technology, and that the capacity of television for centralisation and control would lead to an ecological disaster. They saw the solution in the democratisation of television through public video presentations on the street, on cable television and in exhibitions. Free access to information was intended to lead to political democratisation.


Education: 1964 Univ. Wisconsin, Madison M.A./Magister Madison-M.A./Magister-Physiological Psychology, Philosophy OF Science; 1961 Ludwig Maximilians University of, kind of Munich History, Philology, Literature; 1960 Brown Univrsity, Providence, Rhode Island, magna cum laude, phi beta kappa, B.A. Experimantal Psychology, Comparative Literature;


1994 academy of the arts, Saarbruecken seminar;
1980-1992 Cooper union for the Advancement OF Science and kind, N.Y.C., Associate professor 1988-1992 Assistant professor, 1980-1987;
1976-1980 Visiting Assistant professor, University OF California, San Diego;
1980 Visiting kindist, university of the arts, Berlin;
1974 video Production, Lehman college, N.Y.

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


solo video exhibitions, screenings & presentation/installation, lectures, seminar:

2000 national gallery, Prague, kind academy Budapest, HDK Berlin
1999 kind forum Berlin
1998 museum OF decaying kind, N.Y.,
1997 kind forum Berlin, kind club Berlin
1998 Humboldt University of, Lecture and video screening;
1998 new citizens of Berlin art association Berlin, Lecture on early video kind + video of examples;
1997 Institut gallery & kaufladen, Berlin, video screening & installation;
1997 Anthology film of archives, N.Y.C., 3 evenings OF video screenings;
1996 SHIFTS gallery, Berlin, screening;
1994 Whitney museum OF American kind, N.Y.C. "TV as A Creative medium", 25th anniversary OF the roofridge video group show in N.Y.C. (1969) RK the Howard Wise Gallery, with Nam June Paik, franc Gillette Paul Ryan & others;
1994 America house Berlin, Fulbright meetings, "migrations by the German countries" installation preview
1994 academy of the art Saarbruecken, presentation and of seminar;
1994 university for organization, Karlsruhe, Ernst Moritz Arndt University of, grab forest, school for organization, Basel & Staedel school for art, Frankfurt A. Main, screenings & Lectures;
1993 academy of the arts, Duesseldorf, screening & lecture;
1992 Konrad wolf film School, Babelsberg, Germany, presention;
1992 Night Light TV, N.Y.C. cable tv show, presentation;
1991 The Kitchen, N.Y.C. Raindance Foundation 20 th. anniversary exhibition; with Beryl Korot, franc Gillette, Paul Ryan & Davidson Gigliotti;
1989 congress hall, Berlin, video sculpture, approx. 45 installation, "Wipe Cycle" with franc Gillette;
1989 Koelni art association, video sculpture, approx. 45 installation, "Wipe Cycle" with franc Gillette, thus works by Paik, Kubota, Oursler, Shaw, Campus, Levine, Schwartz, Graham, Muntades & more;
1985 traveling show, time, the fourth dimension in kind, RK The Barbican center, London, museum modern trend art, Vienna, museum Nouvelle, Lyon, & arts center, Mannheim, "Timezones";
1984 palace de Beaux kind, Brussel, time, the fourth dimension in kind, "Timezones" (tapes from the 24 timezones lake all more over the world RK the same time) & works by Duchamp, one Ray, Paik, Monet, D Oppenheim, Rodin & others;
1980 winter Olmpics, Lake Placid, N.Y. "Timezones"& works by Paik, Gillette & others;
1988 Casa there Cor, Sao Paulo, Brazil, lecture & presentation;
1988 museum OF image & sound, Sao Paulo. installation;
1986 university of the arts, Zurich, school for organization, Basel, art museum, Berne, art academy, Luzern, Centre Culturelle, Geneve, lectures & screenings;
1985 institutes for North American Studies, Barcelona, University OF Barcelona, lectures & screenings;
1983 American center, Paris, presentation & seminar;
1981 University OF California, San Diego, screening & lecture;
1981 Whitney museum OF American kind, N.Y.C., "Timezones,a reality simulation" installation;
1980 Everson museum, Syracuse, N.Y. "Timezones", 24 tapes, one from each zone played simultaneously;
1980 university of the art, Berlin, buzzer video kind production workshop, "Berlin is at Iceland";
1979 Environmental Communications & Some Small Business; Venice, approx., installation;
1979 Boston film & video Coop, installation & presentation;
1978 university of the art, Berlin presentation;
1978 AVZ GRAZ, installation & lecture;
1978 Anthology film of archives, N.Y.C., "echo" installation;
1977 Whitney Musum OF American kind, N.Y.C. "one-had is at Iceland" installation;
1976 synapse, Syracuse University, N.Y.C. "echo" installation;
1975 The Kitchen, N.Y.C. "video 75" installation, 9 videotapes simultaneously;
1974 The Kitchen, N.Y.C. "one-had is at Iceland" installation
1974 museum OF decaying kind, N.Y.C. screening;
1974 museum OF Contemporary kind, Houston, Texas, screening; group shows:
1975 Kennedy center, Washington, D. C.;
1975 institutes OF Contemporary kind, Philadelphia;
1974 museum OF Contemporary kind, Chicago;
1970 rose kind museum, Waltham, measure. "random Interlace content Electronics" (works by Videofreex, F. Gillette, Paik, P. Ryan & others);
1969 Howard Wise Gallery, N.Y.C., TV as A Creative medium, "Wipe Cycle" with F. Gillette (works by Paik. Paik/Charlotte Moorman, Paul Ryan, Aldo Tambolini & others).


2001 Studi63 - Berlin "One one Retrospective", Luna bar - "small exhibition"
2000 photo Exhibitions Kuckucknest gallery, Bambibar Nightgallery
1998 photos in new citizens of Berlin art association collection;
1998 One one show OF limited edition photo, photocollages, & poster, art/town center gallery, Berlin;
1992 24 "abstract impressionistic" photos in permanent collection, quart-earthhit a corner Inc. RCA bldg., N.Y.C.
1991 10 "impressionistic" photos in permanently collection, Kenneth leaves abstract material Estate, N.Y.C.
1990 Salmagundy invitational group show, N.Y.C.
1987 Viennese Secession, group show, Vienna;

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


2001 the magazine, Berlin - "UFO in Aspik" (August 2001)
2001 the world - "if I die, would like I a satellite connection" (30.Juli.2001)
2001 N.Y.Times/Sunday kind section 1/21/2001.
2000 citizens of Berlin newspaper, citizen of Berlin morning mail
1997 Chapter in "art and Zeit", Scaneg publishing house, Munich, of H.Paflik Huber
1976 "video kind, at Anthology", Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; N.Y., CO editor with Beryl Korot;
1970-1974 "Radical software", Raindance Foundation, N.Y., CO-more founder, CO editor with Beryl Korot & Michael Shamberg.

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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