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Schönewald Fine Arts

Paul Schönewald
Ulla Gansfort

Lindenstr. 182
DE-40233 Düsseldorf

+49 (0)211 830 940 6

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Baselitz, Georg

Chamberlain, John

Copley, William N.

Dumas, Marlene

Fischli, Peter

Fritsch, Katharina

Havekost, Eberhard

Kawara, On

Kippenberger, Martin

Polke, Sigmar

Richter, Gerhard

Struth, Thomas

History of the Company, History of Art, an Historical House.

Founded in 1992. Paul Schönewald and Rainer Beuse have since presented their continually expanding portfolio of international contemporary art - initially in a turn-of-the-century townhouse in Krefeld and, in the meantime, in the historical rooms of the Fürstenberg Estate in Xanten.

On view there are regularly changing exhibitions of recent acquisitions, which reflect more than anything else the art of the 1960s and '70s in Germany and America.

The core of the stock is formed by a comprehensive group of works by the arguably most important painter living and working in Germany today: Gerhard Richter. Already some time before the artist achieved his widespread international acclaim, Paul Schönewald began to collect top quality works by Gerhard Richter. With the same passion and his many years of experience, he found and continues to find the "blue chips" of the international art market.

"For a long time now already, art has been a profitable alternative to conventional forms of investment. And a more beautiful one at that!"

According to this credo, Schönewald and Beuse constantly follow the developments and trends of the international art market.

The gallery cultivates and intensifies its numerous contacts with collectors and institutions through its presence at the Art Cologne and the TEFAF in Maastricht. In addition to established collectors, however, the gallery is also active in introducing young collectors to contemporary art. For, after all, Schönewald Fine Arts stands not only for variety and quality, but also for a daringness to encounter the extraordinary, as well as for a unswerving instinct for trends. All that remains to be said is said by the names of the artists.

Schönewald Fine Arts - Düsseldorf

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