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DE-40213 Düsseldorf

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+49 (0)211 328 985


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Fanzhi, Zeng

Ando, Yukako

Arz, Sonja

Brehmer, Piot

Burkhardt, Franz

Köster, Matthias

Mele, Martin

Nashunbatu, Nashun

Renz, Malte

Scheckenbach, Klaus

Schoeler, Christian

Sheng, Tianhong

Song, Xue

Wolff, Carl Emanuel

Yunxia, Zhou

Schuebbe Projects

Since its foundation in 1975 in Düsseldorf/Mettmann the Galerie Christa Schübbe has specialized in international contemporary art. In its incipiencies the gallery heralded the renaissance of the Munich art group SPUR (Lothar Fischer, Helmut Sturm, Heimrad Prem and HP Zimmer). This particular group was provided the opportunity to present their inimitable art of the post-war-generation and the idea of a persuasive anti-capitalism.
In the ‘80s, the time of querulousness of art, the Galerie Christa Schübbe discovered the artist group DARM (Dag Seemann, Armin Tölke, Reinhold Braun and Matthias Köster). With their manifesto of having no manifesto the group DARM marked this decade and sparked a delight of painting. The Galerie Christa Schübbe hit the zeitgeist by initially representing artists like Axel Lieber or Gisela Kleinlein, with whose algid and aloof artworks a new sense of aesthetics had been proclaimed.
In 1994, amid the art scene of Düsseldorf and close-by the renowned Academy of Arts, the Kunstsammlung K 20 and the Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle a project room was founded and the Galerie Christa Schübbe was christened Galerie Schuebbe Projekt. It began presenting Chinese contemporary art. Artists like Zeng Fanzhi, Feng Zhengjie, Wei Jia, Li Jikai or Pu Jie are primarily presented in solo shows and in various international art fairs the gallery has taken part in.
Promoting and developing artists in Germany who have already gained attention or stardom in the Chinese art- scene has always been of great interest to Galerie Schübbe Projekt. Showing Chinese contemporary art in Germany and at the same time introducing German contemporary art to China is one of the gallery’s main concerns.
Its consistent presence in most of the international art fairs has resulted in a worldwide dialogue with its origin in Düsseldorf.
In 2008 the Galerie Schübbe Projekt was christened Schuebbe Projects, uniting the gallery´s traditional vision with its shift of focus (new artists, new exhibition space, etc).

Schuebbe Projects

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