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treuka (artistic group: Felix Carl, Annette Stieger, Tamara Trölsch)

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The group treuka has been working together since 2001 and has realised a number of artistic projects and exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Its medium is drawing, in work of various formats and on differing surfaces, including large-scale frescoes. The group members work one after another in rotation, i.e. each artist is sometimes first, second or third. The jointly produced drawings are oriented around thematic ideas collected during the exhibition in a suggestions box – although the artists do not necessary cling rigidly to the respective theme. Images often arise – particularly in response to the previous artist’s intervention – that are associative or surreal interpretations of a given title. The choice of theme is determined in a draw and without censorship. This way of working gives treuka’s images the character of “services provided” for anonymous clients.

Comments on treuka
by Spunk Seipel

There have been – and still are – numerous attempts by artists to create works collectively. With the exception of a few – e.g. the life/work of Gilbert & George – such attempts have usually been swiftly abandoned. Vanity is a great obstacle when artists come together to make work in which the authorship of the individual plays a subordinate role.

All the more welcome and exciting, then, is the project – called treuka – that has been undertaken since 2001 by Felix Carl, Annette Stieger and Tamara Trölsch. The three artists receive thematic suggestions for their images from friends, curators and collectors – but also from unknown persons.

Sometimes entire workgroups develop around one particular thematic complex, sometimes – particularly in the case of their large-scale frescoes – a theme results in a single work only.
In rotation, they begin drawing on paper, wooden panelling or walls, and pass on what has been started to the next person, who adds in his/her ideas, while the last in the chain brings the work to a conclusion. Each artist contributes his/her subjective viewpoint and style to every individual drawing, and yet collective works arise, producing a new whole.

treuka does without painting. Colour is used very sparingly, and the line has a great importance that is independent of the size of the work. This is all the more impressive in that the quality of line most strongly reveals an artist’s personal stamp.

What makes treuka special is the duration of their collaboration and the development of their own unique working process – but also, and in particular, the emergence of an unmistakable style that does not negate the individual styles of the group’s members. In this treuka is indeed unique.


Live and work in Berlin.
The group treuka has been working together since 2001 and has realised a number of artistic projects and exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

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