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Galerie Ernst Hilger at KIAF08 Korea International Art Fair

from Sep 19th, 2008 until Sep 23rd, 2008

Booth P 31 September 19 – 23, 08, Coex in Seoul ...more

Participating artists
Erró (Gudmundur Gudmundsson) Oliver Dorfer Andreas LeikaufMel RamosMimmo Rotella Asgar/GabrielAndy WarholJosef Felix Mueller

Pulse New York

from Feb 22nd, 2007 until Feb 25th, 2007

Brian McKee (born 1977 in Kansas City, USA) For the past four years Brian McKee, the American photography artist, has been travelling through America, Eastern Europe and the Far East in search of historical sites of topical interest. He takes pictures ...more

Participating artists
Oliver Dorfer Brian McKeeAnastasia KhoroshilovaMassimo Vitali John Gerrard

Opening Daniele Buetti in Wien "Venetian Mirror"

from Dec 14th, 2006 until Jan 21st, 2007

Buetti exalts serene human bodies or symbolically gesturing hands into heroic images, which can be used to separate the individual pictures into passive and active. Some bodies emerge out of the ambience, iridescent between grey, brown and green, or ...more

Participating artists
Daniele Buetti

Gallery Ernst Hilger Vienna

in deutscher Sprache Gallery Ernst Hilger Vienna


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