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Landscape nearby Ariccia.

Carl Wagner

Born: 1796 in Rossdorf / Rhön
Deceased: 1867 in Meiningen

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German painter, draughtsman and watercolour artist.

After he studied for three years landscape painting at the academy of arts in Dresden under C. A. Richter (1803-1884), Wagner left Dresden 1820 and travelled over Chemnitz, Plauen, Bamberg, and Würzburg to Heidelberg. From here he went to Switzerland and Italy.

October 1820 he went back to his home town Meiningen, where he became a curator at the local art gallery and a painter at the court of the duke.

August 22nd, 1822 Wagner started a long journey towards Italy. First he went over Coburg, Nuremberg, and Ingolstadt to Munich, where he met old friends from Dresden: G. Jäger (1808-1871), L. Richter (1803-1884) and Hermann Fechner. September 7th he continued his tour - accompanied by B. Stange (1807-1880) and Carl Ludwig Buttmann - through Salzburg and Tyrol to Florence and Rome, where he arrived October 21st, 1822.

1822 – 1825 Wagner stayed in Italy, where he worked together with Ludwig Richter (1803 - 1884). From 1825 he lived in Meiningen as an artist at the court.

After a while he lost his Italian style of painting landscapes, and more and more he came to a realistic and romantic style – like C.G. Carus (1789 - 1869) for example.

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A. O. König, Carl Wagner. Crailsheim, Carl Wagner Verlag, 1990.

Catalogue: Carl Wagner. Malerei und Graphik. Meiningen, Staatl. Museen Schloss Elisabethenburg, 1992.

BiographyBibliographyArt objects

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