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Let's Get Lost, 2011

Carlos Aires

Geboren: 1974 in Ronda, Malaga, Spain


Zum Künstler

Lives & works in Madrid, Spain

Arbeiten des Künstlers

Aires, Carlos ◊ The garden of delights, 2009
Aires, Carlos ◊ The garden of delights, 2009

Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the Air II (Inox Edition), 2010
Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the Air II (Inox Edition), 2010

Aires, Carlos ◊ Last Christmas I gave you my heart, 2010
Aires, Carlos ◊ Last Christmas I gave you my heart, 2010

Aires, Carlos ◊ Totziens my dearest La Belgique!!, 2008
Aires, Carlos ◊ Totziens my dearest La Belgique!!, 2008

Aires, Carlos ◊ Es Pain, 2009, 1/3
Aires, Carlos ◊ Es Pain, 2009, 1/3

Aires, Carlos ◊ Let´s get Physical V (gold vinyl edition), 2011
Aires, Carlos ◊ Let´s get Physical V (gold vinyl edition), 2011

Aires, Carlos ◊ Requiem, 2012
Aires, Carlos ◊ Requiem, 2012

Aires, Carlos ◊ Let´s Get Lost II (gold vinyl edition), 2011
Aires, Carlos ◊ Let´s Get Lost II (gold vinyl edition), 2011

Aires, Carlos ◊ Garden of Delights (Gold Vinyl Edition), 2010
Aires, Carlos ◊ Garden of Delights (Gold Vinyl Edition), 2010

Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the air VI (Vinyl edition), 2012
Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the air VI (Vinyl edition), 2012

Aires, Carlos ◊ Money Piece, 2012
Aires, Carlos ◊ Money Piece, 2012

Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the air (gold vinyl edition), 2011
Aires, Carlos ◊ Love is in the air (gold vinyl edition), 2011


Carlos AIRES, who was born in 1974 in Málaga, focuses in his vinyl wall objects as well as in his photographies on the morbidity of the daily life. AIRES addresses in his photographies the issue of social marginal groups and responds to their psychic realities in comparison to the series „Love is in the Air“ which depicts a shattering double reality. AIRES’ developped this series according to his research of images dealing with violence, terrorism and war which loose their history and cruelness without their afterimage. AIRES expressed himself as follows: „Love is in the Air“ deals with the dark side of our daily melodrama: the same finger that switches off the computer screen on which you have just watched horrible images of a war, afterwards rings the bell of a private nightclub.



Aktuelle und vergangene Ausstellungstermine:
40 Years Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg (Part II)
Salzburg: The Symbiosis of Physicality and the Spiritual
Vienna_Groundfloor: Carlos Aires - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Andante Giocoso
SCOPE Basel 2016
Decoding Scripture & Picture
ART MIAMI 2016 - Booth D04-05

Weitere Termine:

PIGS. Artium. Basque Museum-Center of Contemporary Art. Vitoria, Spain. Comisariada por Blanca de la Torre.
5th Biennial of Thessaloniki, Greece. Curated by Katerina Gregos
Sweet dreams (are made of this), Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria
Les Mondes Inverses. B.P.S. 22, Charleroi, Belgium. Curated by Jean Pierre Olivier.
Éros c’est la vie. Galería Javier Lopez. Madrid, Spain
Icons. Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium (cat.)
PUNK. CA2M, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Mostoles, Madrid. Curated by David G. Torres.
Flatlander. Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Curated by Patty Smith.
Engagements, Musée Sainte-Croix, Poitiers, France
Partner/You, Collaboration with the Belgium choreographer Chantal Yzermans, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain

The Remarkable Lightness of Being, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
The Telling of Beautiful Untrue Things, Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
Symbiosis of Physicality and the Spiritual, Mario Mauroner Contempororary Art, Salzburg, Austria
Flatland, Museo Guadalupe/ The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio/Texas, USA
Partner/You, Collaboration with the Belgium choreographer Chantal Yzermans, EXTRA CITY, Antwerp, Belgium
Colonia Apócrifa, Imágenes de la colonialidad en España, MUSAC, Spain
Fernelmont Contemporary Art Festival, Château de Fernelmont, Belgium
V Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo Fundación Once, CentroCentro Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
BB6. Bucharest Biennial for Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania
Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium
CAC, Contemporary Art Museum, Malaga, Spain
Flatland, Museo Guadalupe, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Apocryphal Colony. Images of Coloniality in Spain, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, Spain
Scope Basel, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg-Vienna, Austria
Carlos Aires - this is not just fucking business, ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
Art Brussels, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg-Vienna, Austria
Art Paris, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg-Vienna, Austria
Centro de Arte de Alcobendas. Solo show. Alcobendas, Spain.

Viennafair 2013, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.
bilis negra, Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo de Santander y Cantabria, Spain
Coup de Ville. Sint-Niklaas.The exhibition is taking place in several buildings curated by Stef Van Bellingen.
Watou Art Festival. Watou, Belgium.
MAF. Festival de Málaga.
MAS. Museo de Arte Moderno y Contemporaneo de Santander y Cantabria (Solo)
Inner Journeys. Maison Particulière. Brussels, Belgium.
From madonna to Madonna. Domus Artium Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain.

2012 Carlos Aires, CAC Málaga, Spain

2011 I´ve got you under my skin, Gallery Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.
2011 Let´s get physical, ADN Galeria, Barcelona, Spain.

2010 Golden Tears, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.
2010 Dreams, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg, Austria.
2010 Viennafair 2010, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria.
2010 Coleccion de fotografía Alconbedas, Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía, Almeria, Spain.
2010 Procesos del Paisaje, Sala de exposiciones Caja Sol, Jerez, Spain.
2010 Project room, Art Jaen, That´s all Folks, Stadshallen, Bruge, Belgium.
2010 Arte Fiera, Galeria ADN, Bolonia, Italy.
2010 Arco 2010, Galería ADN y Alvaro Alcazar, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain.
2010 Kontroversen, Kunst Haus Wien, Museum Hundertwasser, Vienna, Austria.
2010 Cinema X: I like to watch, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Canada, Montreal, Canada.
2010 Pena, Penita, Pena, Galería Alvaro Alcazar, Madrid, Spain.
2010 Art Shangai, Contemporary Art Fair, Alvaro Alcazar Gallery, Shangai, China.
2010 Volta 6, Contemporary Art Fair, Galeria ADN, Basel, Switzerland.
2010 Parcour Saint Germain, Sonia Rykiel, Paris, France.
2010 Presente Perfecto, Centro Cultural Caja Granada, Granada, Spain.
2010 After Post, Más allá de la fotografía, Espacio Iniciarte, Sevilla, Spain.
2010 The Alchemy of delusion, Aeroplastic Contempary gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2009 Arco, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Galería Alvaro Alcazar y Sandunga, IFEMA, Madrid, Spain.
2009 Danzad, danzad, malditos, Exposición individual, Galería ADN, Barcelona, Spain.
2009 Maco. Feria de Arte Comtemporaneo, Galeria Alvaro Alcazar, Mexico DF, Mexico.
2009 How innocent is that? Pavilion Unicredi, Bucharest Biennale, Romania.
2009 Volta. Galeria ADN, Basel, Switzerland.
2009 JERK OFF, Festival des Cultures Alternatives, Paris, France.
2009 IIª Muestra de Videarte Andaluz SURVIDEOVISIONES, Espacio Iniciarte, Sevilla, Spain.
2009 Eutopía 09. IIª Muestra de Videarte Andaluz; Filmoteca de Andalucía, Córdoba, Spain.
2009 Non si uccidono così anche i cavalli?: Galería Allegra Ravizza, Milán, Italy.
2009 Scarpia. Proyectos en espacios públicos. El Carpio, Córdoba, Spain.
2009 ALTERARTE. Festival de Arte Emergente. Museo Arqueológico. Murcia, Spain.
2009 Fuori_Nonluego. Novalis Contemporary Art. Turín, Italy.

2008 The Trickster, Art Extra Gallery, Johanesburgo, South Africa.
2008 Art Rotterdam, Aeroplastic Contemporary, Rotterdam, The Nertherlands.
2008 Generación 2008 Awards, Caja Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Spain.
2008 Now or Die, Spac Collection, Hotel de Vielle, Liège, Belgium.
2008 Pulse, Contemporary Art Fair, Kinz, Tillou + Feigen gallery, New York, USA.
2008 Art Brussels, Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.
2008 Espejos del alma, El retrato fotográfico en la España de nuestros días, Spain.
2008 Red Itiner, Concejalía de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
2008 The No problem show, 1st floor gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium.
2008 Balelatina, Hot Art Fair, Galeria Sandunga, Basel, Switzerland.
2008 Unicaja Bank Awards, Palacio Episcopal, Málaga, Spain.
2008 Boys of summer, Colective, Monique Meloche gallery, Chicago, USA.
2008 Urbana 08, Sandunga gallery, Granada, Spain.
2008 Deadly seriously, Colective, Exprmntl Gallery, Toulouse, France.
2008 Rock my Religion, Domus Artium Contemporary Art Museum, Salamanca, Spain.
2008 Scope, Sandunga Gallery, London, UK.
2008 FotoMiami, Solo Project Room, Sandunga and ADN galleries, Miami, USA.
2008 Uit-thuis-eten, Spanish artists in Holland, Spanish Embassy, The Hague, The Netherlands.
2008 Slick, ADN gallery, Paris, France.
2008 Premios Jovenes Creadores Andaluces, Young Andalucian Artists Awards, Palacio Episcopal, Spain.

2007 Arco 2007, Galería Sandunga, Madrid, Spain.
2007 Art Rotterdam, International Art Fair, Aeroplastics gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
2007 Kunstlokkal, Collective show, Indian Caps Kunstkamers, Curated by Bob Verelst, Antwerpen, Bélgium.
2007 Art Brussels 2007, Aeroplastics contemporary gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2007 A day without sunshine is like night, Aeroplastics Contemporary gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2007 Phychic Realities, Lundbeck Austria, Vienna, Austria.
2007 Docks Art fair, 9th Lyon Bienal of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France.
2007 Rare Essence, Galería Aeroplastics Contemporary, Bruselas, Bélgium.
2007 Objeto de Réplica. Colección VII. Artium, Vitoria, Spain.
2007 Monsters. Galería Art Extra, Johanesburgo, South Africa.
2007 Love is in the air, Collective, EXPRMNTL galerie, Toulouse, France.
2007 El Pensamiento en la boca, Una exposición sobre arte y cocina, Caja San Fernando, Jerez, Spain.

2006 Carlos Aires, Jen Liu, Melvin Moti, Elodie Pong, Galleria Laurin, Zürich, Switzerland.
2006 Y Fueron Felices, Solo show, Galeria Sandunga, Granada, Spain.
2006 Presentation Tester, book + DVD, Arteleku, San Sebastian, Spain.
2006 25 Pieces, Europart, Public Art Projects on the occasion of Austria’s presidency in the European Union in 2006, Vienna, Austria.
2006 Blessed are the merciful, Colective, Feigen Gallery, New York, USA.
2006 Dark Tales, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Rótterdam, The Netherlands.
2006 Tina-B, This is not another Biennial, Prague Contemporary Art Festival, Nova Sin, Praga, Check Republic.
2006 KunstRai, Internacional Fair of Contemporary Art, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2006 Pepo Ruiz y Carlos Aires, Javier Marin Gallery, Málaga, Spain.
2006 Colección Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud, Sala Amadis, Comunidad de Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
2006 EuroPART/25peaces, MOMENTUM, Vienna, Austria.
2006 Leere & Vision, MARTA-museum, Herford, Germany.
2006 Summer show, Aeroplastics Contemporary Gallery, Brussels, Bélgium.
2006 Eutopia 06, Festival of Young European Artists, Public Projects, Córdoba, Spain.
2006 10 años Beca Manuel Rivera, Palacio de los Condes de Gabia, Granada, Spain.
2006 The Sock Strategy, Bank El Monte, Sevilla, Spain.
2006 As hard as it can get, Individual, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2006 Emergentes, FIL, Feria Internacional del libros, MUSA, Museo de las Artes, Guadalajara, Mexico.
2006 Hisk@Lineart, Lineart, Internacional Art Fair, Gent, Bélgium.

2005 Double Check, Re-Framing Space in Photography, Camera Austria, Kunshalle, Graz, Austria.
2005 ARCO 2005, International Contemporary Art fair, Galeria Sandunga, Madrid, Spain.
2005 Mensajes Cruzados, Parlamentar con lo real en el tiempo, Artium, Museo Arte Contemporáneo del País Vasco (Basque Museum of Contemporary Art), Alava, Spain.
2005 Photography Awards Purificación Garcia, Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid, Spain.
2005 Club Cube, Festiwal Sztuki Klubowej CCA, Centre for Contemporary Art, Varsovia, Poland.
2005 PhotoEspaña 2005, Descubrimientos, Plaza de Santa Ana, Madrid, Spain.
2005 Prix de la Jeune Peinture Belga 2005, (Young Belgium Artists Awards 2004-2005), Palais des Beaux–Arts, Brussels, Belgium.
2005 Y Fueron Felice, Sala Siglo XXI, Museo de Huelva, Spain.
2005 Nekad I Sad, Prodajna Galerija Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.
2005 Cataracts, Hitchcock Auditórium, OSU, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

2004 Go!, Espacio Liquido, Curated by Sally Gutierrez, Madrid, Spain.
2004 After Hours, HISK, Antwerp, Belgium.
2004 Art Brussels, Kusseneers gallery, Brussels, Belgium.
2004 Happily ever after, Solo show, Kusseneers gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium.
2004 Art Chicago, Kusseneers gallery, USA.
2004 1er International Short Film & Video Festival in Xiamen 2004, Xiamen, China.
2004 Orgay Madrid 04, Espacio Guides, Madrid, Spain.
2004 Double Check, Re-Framing Space in Photography, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Celje, Slovenia y Camera Austria, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria.
2004 Desplazamientos, Parallel projects I Biannual of Contemporary Art of Seville, Caja San Fernando, Sevilla, Spain.
2004 Jovenes Creadores Andaluces 2004. Palacio Episcopal, Malaga, Spain.

2003 Unicaja Bank Awards, Sala Italcable, Malaga, Spain.
2003 Jóvenes Creadores Malagueños, Modalidad video, Ayuntamiento de Malaga, Malaga, Spain.
2003 Open Ateliers, HISK, Antwerp, Belgium.
2003 Sugar and Spice, Annie Gentils gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.
2003 V Convocatoria Jovenes Artistas, Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia, Spain.
2003 La Realidad Contaminada, Zaragoza, Sevilla, Granada, Madrid, Spain.
2003 Hot, Censorated work, Tour&Taxis, Brussels, Belgium.
2003 Very simple but very nice, Kokon gallery, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

2002 Open Days, HISK, Hoger Institute for Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium.
2002 Continuara, Solo exhibition, Young Photographer Award. Caja San Fernando, Sevilla, Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.
2002 Gasthoff, Manifesta 2002, Frankfurt, Germany.
2002 Mister Hyde, Solo exhibition, Palacio de Los Conde de Gabia, Diputacion de Granada, Granada, Spain.

2001 Young Malaga Artists 2001, Ayuntamiento de Malaga, Malaga, Spain.
2001 Art Premier 2001, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
2001 Kunst in the Keet. Krot & Co. Ossendrecht, The Netherlands.
2001 Interferences. De Overslag. Artixocla, Ghent, Belgium.

2000 Salon Expositie, ABN-AMRO Bank, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
2000 Textile 2000, Close to the body, AVB, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
2000 Moveri Project, Personal Atelier, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
2000 Final Exhibition Master Program, Charlotte Landgoed, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

1999 VI Biannual of Young European and Mediterranean Countries Artists, Roma, Italy.
1999 Instalaciones. Federico Garcia Lorca´s house, Valderrubio Granada, Spain.
1999 Weg van Lourdes. Lourdes Church. Tilburg, The Netherlands.
1999 Muestra Joven:Jovenes Creadores Andaluces, Palacio Episcopal. Malaga, Spain.
1999 Aduana 99. Biannual of Contemporary Art, Diputacion de Cadiz. Spain.
1999 DAGFRA. The Fabriek and Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.



2011 Alberto Zanchetta, frenologia della vanitas-il teschio nelle arti visive, Johan & Levi Editore


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