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art agents gallery

art agents gallery

Julia Sökeland
Nasim Weiler

Wilstorfer Straße 71
DE-21073 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 89 975-51

+49 (0)40 89 975-52

Ausrichtung / Spezialgebiete

- Contemporary Art

- Photography

- Grafik

- Malerei

- Sculpture

- Drawing


Anastasi, William

Domke, Johanna

Eley, Eric

Grenzhäuser, Nathalie

Hoops, Achim

Migliora, Marzia

Noldus, Cecile

Oppermann, Anna

Pries, Inge

Recke, Nikolaj

Roda, Tim

Schäfer, Marco P.

Semper, Ene-Liis

Vater, Markus

art agents gallery

The art agents gallery was founded in Hamburg in 2000 by Julia Sökeland and Nasim Weiler. The focus of the gallery is on international contemporary art. Both gallerists wish to establish a space where a lively dialogue about contemporary art occurs. The gallery’s first years were characterized by theme-related projects and group shows. Following the move to the Phoenixwerke in Hamburg-Harburg in 2004, the programme has shifted more towards solo shows of gallery artists and the administration of the Estate of Anna Oppermann.

art agents gallery is interested in contemporary expression on both the everyday media and on the fundamental aspects of individual existence in society and culture. Many of the artists do not restrict themselves to working in a single media. Insights into the depths of everyday life, explorations of the border zone between reality and fiction, and more conceptually oriented positions all stand side-by-side.

art agents gallery represents the following artists: William Anastasi, Frank Darius, Johanna Domke, Nathalie Grenzhaeseur, Linda McCue, Inge Pries, Nikolaj Recke, Ene-Liis Semper, Marco P. Schäfer, Markus Vater and the Estate of Anna Oppermann.

art agents gallery has taken part in various European art fairs, such as in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne and Turin.

Opening Hours
Mi-Fr 11 a.m.-6 p.m.,
Sa 2-6 p.m.

art agents gallery

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