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Osmosis 0305655

Alvin Booth

in Hull, England

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Alvin Booth, born in Hull (GB)
Self taught, his nude studies are the work of both, artist and artisan. Each photograph is printed, toned and “distressed” by hand. So while the image and printing method are modern, the end result is reminiscent of the photographs of the mid to late nineteenth century. The finished print is framed by sealing it in glass / acryl with copper and solder.

Alvin Booth - Corpus
“Corpus” is a series of 11 x 14 male and female nude studies (Edition of 15 or 20). Each print is hand framed in glass, copper and solder. Normally they are hung in grids of sixteen or twenty which allows the eye to wander unrestricted between the images, creating surprising connections and juxtapositions of shape and gender, tone and mood; this formation is mimicked in miniature grids of nine for the “Small Collector” series. The occasional use of latex acts like a second recalcitrant skin pulling the eye in unexpected directions.

Alvin Booth - Osmosis
(20”x40” gelatin silver prints, framed in copper and plexiglass. Editions of 10)
Osmosis is a departure from the earlier work. Uncomfortably constrained by conventional photo paper formats, Booth created his own paper size, long and thin, a compliment to his attenuated and fragile figures. While his fascination with the figure remains, Osmosis is deliberately more abstract and otherworldly; the human form is reduced to its bare lines and, like a delicate gouache, the body dissolves into the paper.

Art objects of this artist

Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 9902300, 1999
Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 9902300, 1999

Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 0305655, 2003
Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 0305655, 2003

Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 0002348, 2000
Booth, Alvin ◊ Osmosis 0002348, 2000

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 950754, 1995
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 950754, 1995

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 960384, 1996
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 960384, 1996

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 950322, 1995
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 950322, 1995

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 960593, 1996
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 960593, 1996

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 9610108, 1996
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 9610108, 1996

Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 9705169, 1997
Booth, Alvin ◊ Corpus 9705169, 1997


Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

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Alvin Booth - Exhibitions (* Solo Show)

Foto- und Kameramuseum, Leipzig (D)
Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles*
in focus Galerie, Cologne, (D)
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, USA*
Leica Gallery, New York
Städtisches Museum Heilbronn, “Enthüllt”, Leihgabe der in focus Galerie
Arte Fino, Zürich, CH
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
De Beyerd Contemporary Art Museum Breda, Germany
Arte Fino, Switzerland*
Fifty One Fine Art Photography*
Prague House of Photography, Czech Republic*
Kamera und Fotomuseum, Leipzig, Germany
with in focus Gallery, Cologne
in Focus Gallery, Cologne, Germany*
Fahey/ Klein Gallery, Los Angeles
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta *
Robert Klein Gallery, Boston
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
The Museum of the City of New York
The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (Corset 2000)
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York. *
Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago. *
Fahey/ Klein Gallery, Los Angeles *
Robert Klein Gallery, Boston. *
Hamiltons, London.
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta.
Sarah Morthland Gallery, New York.
Throckmorton Fine Art, New York.
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York.
Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan.
Hamiltons, London
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York. *
Hamiltons. London.

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Alvin Booth / Publications - Selection:
2003 German Photo (Germany)
Vogue July, (Switzerland)
Free Eye, February, (Holland)
2001 Art Bridge New York-Cologne-New York Publisher Ernst Wasmuth
Verlag, (Germany) with in focus gallery, Cologne
Welt Literatur, Koenemann (Germany) with in focus gallery, Cologne
Photographie March (Germany)
Turn Shake Flip Publisher Eyestorm ( USA)
2000 Nerve/The New Nude (U.S.A)
Max Magazine (Italy)
Russian Foto and Video (Russia)
American Photo (USA)
Photo Metro (USA)
Southern Accent (USA)
1999 Alvin Booth “Corpus”, published by Edition Stemmle (CH)
Leica Magazine October, (France, Germany and England)
Art Forum December (USA)
Italian Photo November (Italy)
Schwarzweiss October (Germany)
British Journal of Photography September (England)
1998 The Creative Review December (England)
The Sunday Telegraph September (England)
Photo Review February (U.S.A.)
1997 Leg (U.S.A.)
Politiken November (Denmark)
Blue October (Australia)
Black and White August, (Australia)
Graphis Nudes (U.S.A.)
Zoom (Italy)
1996 Graphis (U.S.A.)
British Journal of Photography (England)

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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