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James Carl

Born: 1960 in Montreal, Canada

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Grants and Awards (Selection)


Paris Studio, Canada Council
2003 Ontario Association of Art Galleries Design Award
2002 Canada Council Production Grant
Canada Council Travel Grant
Ontario Arts Council Project Assistance
2001 Canada Council Travel Grant
1999 Louis Comfort Tiffany Award
Canada Council "B" Grant
1997 Canada Council "B" Grant
1996 Toronto Arts Award, Protégé Award
1995 FCAR Research Grant
1995 Canada Council "B" Grant
1994-95 Chinese-Canadian Graduate Scholar Award
1994 Canada Council "B" Grant
1993 Conseils des Arts du Québec Project Grant
Canada Council Short Term Grant
1992 Japanese-Canadian Culture Center Award
Canada Council Travel Grant
1989-90 Chinese-Canadian Undergraduate Scholar Award

Art objects of this artist

Carl, James ◊ The Space around Shadows, 2007
Carl, James ◊ The Space around Shadows, 2007

Carl, James ◊ Jalousie # 1, 2006
Carl, James ◊ Jalousie # 1, 2006

Carl, James ◊ Jalousie # 2, 2007
Carl, James ◊ Jalousie # 2, 2007

Carl, James ◊ Torso, 2007
Carl, James ◊ Torso, 2007

Carl, James ◊ Envy, 2006
Carl, James ◊ Envy, 2006

Carl, James ◊ Before Forgiveness, 2007
Carl, James ◊ Before Forgiveness, 2007

Carl, James ◊ The Space between Letters, 2007
Carl, James ◊ The Space between Letters, 2007

Carl, James ◊ Slug, 2007
Carl, James ◊ Slug, 2007


1960 born in Montreal, Canada
1993-1996 MFA, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
1995+90 Diplomas, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bejing, China
1992 BA, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
1983 BFA, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Solo shows

2006 Negative Spaces, Florence Loewy, Paris, France
2004 Final Concession, The Balcony, Toronto, Canada
2003 Plot, Contamporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
2002 Bottom Feeder, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada
1999 Work, Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand, Ettlingen/Karlsruhe, Germany
1998 Clark Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Stock, Art Metropole, Toronto, Cananda
1997 Fountain, Toronto Sculpture Garden, Toronto, Canada
1996 Still Life, Paul Petro, Toronto, Canada
Out of Service, Civic Square, New Brunswick, NJ, USA
1994 Unentitled, YYZ, Toronto, Cananda
1993 public works, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, Cananda
1992 re-possession, Clark Gallery, Montreal, Cananda
1991 Spring Collection, a public sculpture, Montreal, Cananda
1990 Border Patterns, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Bejing, China

Group shows (Selection)

2006 Habitat, Jessica Bradley Projects, Toronto, Canada
2005 Diaz Contemporary, Toronto, Canada
2004 Le Lieu en Practique, Artexte, Montreal
Folly, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Re:cycle, McMaster University, Hamilton
2002 Don, Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas
Provisional Worlds, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
New Modular, Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto, Mississauga
Pile, Barkenhoff Atelier,Worpswede,Germany
2001 Promises, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
Pool, York Quay Centre, Toronto, Canada
Forever, Embassy of Cananda, Beijing
First Light, Bellevue Art Museum, USA
Objets de convoitise, Galerie 101, Ottawa
2000 Minimal Pop, Traywick Gallery, Berkeley, USA
Minutia, SECCA, North Carolina, USA
Climbing the walls, Robert Birch Gallery, Toronto, USA
1999 New Urban Sculpture, Metrotech, New York, USA
Spatial Interest, Workspace, New York, USA
Summit, Galerie 5020, Salzburg, Austria
Something, Kunstverein Hannover, Germany
I'm the Boss of Myself, Sara Meltzer, New York, USA
1997 Wrong Place, Right Time, Double Pleasure, New York, USA
Mannequins, Villa Minimo, Hannover, Germany
Face Value, PS 122, New York, USA
Work/Site, Art Gallery of Ontario, Cananda
Vague Pop Part One, View Room, New York, USA
1996 Limousine, Free Parking, Toronto, Cananda
MGSA Group Show, 420 West Broadway, New York, USA
Sac de Hockey, Paul Petro @ 100 Yonge, Toronto, Cananda
1995 HOA, Library of Art History, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Weihai Public Sculpture Symposium, Shangdong, China
DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto, Cananda
Central Akademy of Fine Art, Bejing, China

Projects (Selection)

2000-2004 The Balcony.
2000 Being on Time. Central Technical School, Toronto and Public Access Collective, Toronto, Canada
1999 Summit, Gallery 5020 Salzburg, Austria

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Bibliography (Selection)

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New Yorker, "Goings on About Town", 13.9.99
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John Grande, "James Carl's Euphemistic Reality", Espace, Montreal, Frühling 1993, p. 40
1991 Wang Zhou Fan, "Chang Cheng Xia de Si Lu", Ming Pao Monthly, Hong Kong, 5/91, p. 71

work in collections

Canada Council Art Bank
National Gallery of Canada, Art Metropole Archive
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Cananda
McCarthy-Tétrault, Toronto Cananda
Morey and Jennifer Chaplick, Toronto, Cananda
private collections in Toronto, Montreal, Bejing

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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