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Gruppenausstellung: 7 up

from Jun 28th, 2007 until Sep 1st, 2007

BAE Bien-U"s subtle yet powerful images address the mysterious force of mystique nature. Thomas Zika also explores the natural world, focusing on our impact on it as humans who can cause destruction and change. Johannes Hepp’s style is informed ...more

Julia Gröning -

from Apr 27th, 2007 until Jun 23rd, 2007

Julia Gröning (*1980, Mönchengladbach) ist eine junge Fotokünstlerin, die bereits einen sehr starken, persönlichen Stil in ihren Arbeiten entwickelt hat. Sie hat an der Kunstakademie Münster unter Guillaume Bijl and Daniele Buetti 2007 ihr Examen abgelegt ...more

Astrid Korntheuer - Glör | Loh

from Apr 12th, 2007 until Jun 23rd, 2007

Astrid Korntheuer shows in her series Glör how well she can make use of color in a photograph. She knows how to use color in her compositions, even to the degree we see in William Eggleston’s works: If you took away the color, the composition would not ...more

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