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fine art fair frankfurt

fine art fair frankfurt


Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
DE-60327 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0)69 7 575-6664

+49 (0)69 7 575-6674

The second fine art fair frankfurt will be dedicated exclusively to sculpture. "QUALITY STREET®" will showcase some 50 galleries from Germany and around the world and feature works of artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. By focussing on a single (and in this case highly relevant) topic and implementing a stand architecture specially designed for sculptures, an incomparable event awaits both visitors and exhibiting galleries. The future editions of the fair will also be limited to a specific form of artistic representation.

With its concept of a curated single-topic fair, fine art fair frankfurt positions itself as a veritable jewel in the landscape of art fairs. While other events often choose (or are forced) to focus on quantity, fine art fair frankfurt deliberately concentrates on quality and the ideal presentation of exhibited works. This unique selling proposition strongly distinguishes the Frankfurt event from the competition.

Wilfried Kühn, head of the Kühn / Malvezzi architectural office in Berlin, has once again developed a special exhibition architecture for presenting the sculptures at QUALITY STREET®. Visitors will be treated to a myriad of perspectives and insights as they wander through the hall. Stage-style lighting of the stands further contributes to the unique atmosphere.

Like “High & Low” in 2006, the fair title QUALITY STREET® once again plays with associations. The popular sweets famous since the 1970s serve as the namesake for the 2007 fine art fair frankfurt. The Nestlé company has given their kind permission to use QUALITY STREET® in conjunction with the art fair.

fine art fair frankfurt

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