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Grace Jones in Hat

Greg Gorman

Born: 1949 in Kansas City

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Acclaimed photographer Greg Gorman is a premier figure in modern photography. If representing the human form is an art, then Gorman is certainly a master. We won’t bother listing all the famous faces who’ve paused before his lens; suffice to say that Gorman has probably photographed most everyone you’ve seen on the silver screen.
By the mid 1980s, Gorman’s photography had become up-close and confrontational. That’s when he decided to pull back the camera and literally strip people down for his personal artwork. Gorman’s nudes have brought him international acclaim, with numerous published books and countless gallery exhibitions. These studies of the human form are a marriage of sensuality with the mystery he brought to his portraiture. Through the ’90s and into the new millennium, Gorman continued to create these personal projects, working primarily in black-and-white and using natural light.
A fine selection of portraits such as Michal Jackson, Andy Warhol, David Bowie, Sophia Loren and nudes are on display at in focus gallery Cologne.

Art objects of this artist

Gorman, Greg ◊ Andy Warhol, Los Angeles, 1986
Gorman, Greg ◊ Andy Warhol, Los Angeles, 1986

Gorman, Greg ◊ Brigitte Nielsen, Los Angeles, 1988
Gorman, Greg ◊ Brigitte Nielsen, Los Angeles, 1988

Gorman, Greg ◊ David Bowie Closeup, London, 1984
Gorman, Greg ◊ David Bowie Closeup, London, 1984

Gorman, Greg ◊ Grace Jones in Hat, Los Angeles, 1991
Gorman, Greg ◊ Grace Jones in Hat, Los Angeles, 1991

Gorman, Greg ◊ Kim Basinger, Los Angeles, 1986
Gorman, Greg ◊ Kim Basinger, Los Angeles, 1986

Gorman, Greg ◊ Leo Di Caprio Closeup, Los Angeles, 1994
Gorman, Greg ◊ Leo Di Caprio Closeup, Los Angeles, 1994

Gorman, Greg ◊ Lisa Ann II, Los Angeles, 1988
Gorman, Greg ◊ Lisa Ann II, Los Angeles, 1988

Gorman, Greg ◊ Michael Jackson with Spider, Los Angeles, 1987
Gorman, Greg ◊ Michael Jackson with Spider, Los Angeles, 1987

Gorman, Greg ◊ Nina Hagen, Los Angeles, 1995
Gorman, Greg ◊ Nina Hagen, Los Angeles, 1995

Gorman, Greg ◊ Sisters Bentover, Los Angeles, 1990
Gorman, Greg ◊ Sisters Bentover, Los Angeles, 1990

Gorman, Greg ◊ Sophia Loren, Rome, 1994
Gorman, Greg ◊ Sophia Loren, Rome, 1994

Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Sep 1st, 2012
Greg Gorman "Portraits & Nudes"
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

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