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F. C. Gundlach

Born: 1926 in Heinebach

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F.C. Gundlach
born 1926 Heinebach/Hessen, lives in Hamburg, is considered as one of the most important representatives of the mode photography in Germany of the 50's to 70's.
"Like few other German mode photographers Gundlach looked for already early the dialogue with currents of the forming art: Before all Surrealismus, OI and Pop kind he consulted, in order to create mode photographies, which show their historical context, which can stress nevertheless already long a rank for itself, which extends beyond their developing context. As artistic anticipation of a life feeling, as ikonische compressions of spirit of the time, they reveal themselves just as much over the dreams and longings of a past time as over humans as always a nature newly erfindenes via mode." (Holger Tiedemann)
Photography collector, curator, mode photography; reduced static photograph style, narrative elements, photo journalism; Publication in magazines like "film and woman", "Constanze", "Twen", "Brigitte"

Art objects of this artist

Gundlach, F. C. ◊ Gundlach, Berlin 1955, Grit Hübscher in einer Weißfuchsstola, Vintage, 24 x 30 cm, 1955
Gundlach, F. C. ◊ Gundlach, Berlin 1955, Grit Hübscher in einer Weißfuchsstola, Vintage, 24 x 30 cm, 1955

Gundlach, F. C. ◊ Gundlach, Romy Schneider, Hamburg, 1962, 1962/später
Gundlach, F. C. ◊ Gundlach, Romy Schneider, Hamburg, 1962, 1962/später


F. C Gundlach

1967 establishment of CC (Creative Color GmbH), Hamburg for better conditions of work of photographers and establishment of the company PPS (Professional photo service)
1975 establishment of the gallery F.C. Gundlach, Hamburg, first photo gallery in Germany.
1988 Professur university of the arts Berlin
1993 establishment working group photography Hamburg e.V.
1997 Order of Merit
1999 1. Triennale of the photography, Hamburg
2000 establishment of the "donation F. C Gundlach"
2001 culture price of the DGPh (German society of photography)
2002 2. Triennale of the photography, Hamburg

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Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

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F. C Gundlach - exhibitions/selection

Cologne Fine Art by in focus gallery
- in focus gallery , Cologne
- federal state Museum Joanneum, Graz
- photography forum internationally, Frankfurt
- Museum of modern art, donation Woerlen, Passau
- Museum Bochum
- Moscow House OF Photography, Moscow
- German historical Museum, Berlin
- Deichtothallen, Hamburg
- town center Gallery, Prague
- Berlin, national Museums, art library
- Berlin, gallery Kicken
- Cologne, city hall, culture price of the DGPh
- Braunschweig, Fotomuseum
- Berlin, Berlinische gallery
- Munich City Museum
Paris, Goethe Institut

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F. C Gundlach - Bibliografie / Selection

"From the New Look to the Petticoat", Berlin 1984
"Mode Worlds", Berlin 1985
"Fashion Photography 1950 - 1975", Cologne 1989
"Berlin en vogue", Tübingen 1993
"picture mode - mode pictures", Stuttgart 1995
"The float as body language", Cologne 2001

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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