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in focus Fotografie - Sissi Farassat, Green, 2014

in focus Fotografie - Sissi Farassat, Green, 2014

Vernissage Sissi Farassat Sequence

on Nov 2nd, 2019

in focus Galerie - Fotografie

Hauptstraße 114

DE-50996 Köln

Phone: +49 (0)221 1 300-341

Fax: +49 (0)221 1 300-341



Sissi Farassat was born in 1969 in Tehran and moved with her family to Vienna in 1978, where she still lives and works today. She has been working as a photographer since 1991 and participated in the 1993 International Summer Academy under the direction of Nan Goldin. She was a student of Friedl Kubelka at the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Fotografie in Vienna (1993-94). She then received a scholarship from the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts to realize her series Self Portrait Paris.

Sissi Farassat's works are largely autobiographical and often reveal her personal history through a unique combination of influences from Persian and Viennese art and design. She began by changing her own expired passports, decorating them with sequins and pearls, and returning the passport from its original use to a unique work of art. Through her handicraft, Farassat isolates parts of the photograph and replaces the original background with a fine overlay. Hundreds of hours have been spent manually transforming each photo into a unique object. Farassat drastically changes the most inherent characteristics of the photographic medium: the immediacy of the camera and the ability to make multiple photographic prints. Instead, she takes the needle and thread to each print and sews thousands of crystals, pearls, and sequins by hand, turning her photos into a kind of tapestry. In doing so, she blurs the distinction between the photo and the object, the revealed and the hidden, and eliminates the subject from its original context. Farassat challenges our gaze and seems to rejoice in the ambivalence of her transformations. For her works she uses either intimate self-portraits or random snapshots of her friends and close acquaintances. The pictures are neither staged nor formally posed, but always seductive and somewhat mysterious.

Further informations: www.

Further informations:

Opening: Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, 7 pm
(up to 9:30 pm). Sissi Farassat will join the opening.

exhibition up to: December 21st, 2019
opening hours: Tu. - Fr. 4 – 7 pm, Sa. 11 am – 3 pm


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Pictures to the event:

 Sissi Farassat,
 Green, 2014

Sissi Farassat, Green, 2014

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