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Love is...

from Dec 25th, 2015 until Dec 22nd, 2015

Can you photograph “love”? Can you easily capture emotions, human motion, and feelings in a two dimensional image? Photography is a child of the positivistic, and rational era. It was submitted as newly-created, technical, and seemingly ´autonomous ...more

Participating artists
Thomas KellnerWilly RonisRené GroebliConnie ImbodenJan SaudekBruce L. DavidsonMichal MackuHermann FörsterlingAlvin BoothFrank HorvatThomas KarstenIlse BingHerbert Döring-SpenglerGilbert GarcinClaude FauvilleAntonin TesarWilliam RoppMarc RiboudElliott ErwittArno Rafael MinkkinenGreg GormanKarin Székessy Hoepker, Thomas

ÄTHOPIA - William Ropp

from Jul 22nd, 2015 until Oct 10th, 2015

Exhibition from August 22nd to October 10th, 2015 Opening Friday, August 21st 2015 from 6-9 pm. The artist will be present at the opening. In focus gallery, Cologne shows the internationally renowned photo artist William Ropp in his third solo exhibition ...more

Participating artists
William Ropp

Connie Imboden & Hermann Försterling - Bodyworks

from Apr 18th, 2015 until Jun 27th, 2015

BODY WORKS - Connie Imboden and Hermann Försterling „Think about how much less we"d know about ourselves if we"d never examine the things that scare us.“ (Connie Imboden) „.. the photographs are a beautiful celebration of the human form ...more

Participating artists
Connie ImbodenHermann Försterling

Elliott Erwitt – KOLOR -------- 25 years in focus gallery

from Jan 10th, 2015 until Mar 25th, 2015

In focus gallery will celebrate its 25th gallery annivesary in January, 2015. In Germany there are only few galleries who have presented more than 25 years in a continuous work photography as art. During the past 25 years the gallerist Burkhard Arnold ...more

Participating artists
Elliott Erwitt

Stage of Life - Gilbert Garcin + Peikwen Cheng

from Nov 8th, 2014 until Dec 20th, 2014

Gilbert Garcin & Peikwen Cheng The gallery shows work from the french photographer Gilbert Garcin and the chinese-american photographer Peikwen Cheng. Black-and-White photographed work from both artists will be presented in this double exhibition. ...more

Thomas Hoepker: In America - 1963-2013

from Sep 9th, 2014 until Oct 26th, 2014

Thomas Hoepker studied art history and archeology, then worked as an art director for Stern in Hamburg between 1987 and 1989, when he became a full member of Magnum. Specializing in reportage and stylish color features, he received the prestigious Kulturpreis ...more

Karin Székessy - Photographs

from May 3rd, 2014 until May 31st, 2014

Karin Székessy ( born 1938 , Essen) approaches numerous subjects in her work : Whether nude, still life , (self- ) portraits , landscapes or dogs - her sense of elegance and formal perfection transforms the images to fictions and reality to signs. & ...more

Participating artists
Karin Székessy

Hans-Jürgen Raabe "Stills"

from Mar 8th, 2014 until Apr 26th, 2014

The portrait series of Hans-Jürgen Raabe are prefaced by the stills, thus an integral part of the artistic concept of his long-term project „990 FACES“. The in focus gallery dedicates a first comprehensive exhibition to the stills. Unlike the serial ...more

Marc Riboud: China & Japan in the 50ties and 60ties

from Jan 11th, 2014 until Feb 27th, 2014

China & Japan in 50s and 60s In focus gallery shows photographs from China during the days of the iron curtain, some of Riboud’s most valuable works, which captured the life under the rule of Mao Zedong’s closed society. Marc Riboud is one of the very ...more

Participating artists
Marc Riboud

ArchivArchive*: 02/2002 - 01/2002 - 12/2001 - 11/2001 - 04/2001


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