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titles & icons

from Oct 12th, 2013 until Dec 20th, 2013

The in focus Gallery is moving and opens in new location on Saturday October 12th by 7pm (until 10pm) the exhibition: 'titles & icons' There are pictures that everyone knows. Whether you have already dealt with photography and its history ...more

Best of Jan Saudek

from May 25th, 2013 until Jul 20th, 2013

Best of Jan Saudek colored unique silvergelatine photographs 1966 – 2000 Decadent, extravagant, fascinating: the great Czech photographer Jan Saudek is on show at in focus gallery in Cologne. Jan Saudek (Prague, 13 May 1935) was Jewish and having ...more

Participating artists
Jan Saudek

Ulrich Mack : Kennedy in Germany 1963 / Ruhrgebiet 1958 / Ferne 2001

from Mar 9th, 2013 until May 8th, 2013

Ulrich Mack . Reporter Kennedy in Germany - Cologne / Bonn / Frankfurt / Wiesbaden / Berlin 1963 'Ruhrgebiet', 1959 and 'Distance' 2001 'I am a Berliner' - with these words, John F. Kennedy made history. No record of ...more

Participating artists
Ulrich B. Mack

Vadim Gushchin - "BOOKS"

from Jan 12th, 2013 until Feb 28th, 2013

The exhibition of the russian photographer Vadim Gushchin at in focus gallery, Cologne shows various series on the topic of books he has created over the last 10 years. The book is not only understood as a literary object, but rather as a com- prehensive ...more

Participating artists
Vadim Gushchin

Hans-Jürgen Raabe . 990 Faces - "Lourdes"

from Nov 10th, 2012 until Dec 20th, 2012

Hans-Jürgen Raabes mission is to pick up where our attention often falters and fails us. Where we become blind to the realities of other people as we move through life with our eyes firmly shut. Training his lens on people, without pretence and with ...more

Participating artists
Hans-Jürgen Raabe

Greg Gorman "Portraits & Nudes"

from Sep 1st, 2012 until Oct 27th, 2012

Acclaimed photographer Greg Gorman is a premier figure in modern photography. If representing the human form is an art, then Gorman is certainly a master. We won’t bother listing all the famous faces who’ve paused before his lens; suffice to say that ...more

Participating artists
Greg Gorman

William Ropp: „New color work & Dreamt memories from Africa“

from May 5th, 2012 until Jun 30th, 2012

Internationally renowned photographer William Ropp is famous for his unique style of representing the mysteriousness and complexity of human nature in his pictures. Ropp’s nickname „The Shadow Sculptor“ is a direct reference to the photographer’s greater ...more

Participating artists
William Ropp

Gilbert Garcin "Mister G"

from Jan 14th, 2012 until Mar 30th, 2012

In the most ironic self-portraits by the photographer Gilbert Garcin the entire range of human comedy seems to be created. Each of his minimalist photographs is like a theatrical act to obscure the stage of life. Gilbert Garcin is not only the director ...more

Participating artists
Gilbert Garcin

Celebrities & Fashion Photography of the XX Century

from Nov 22nd, 2011 until Dec 22nd, 2011

Among the masters of fashion and glamor photography, photographers in this exhibition include: Eve Arnold, Bruno Bernard, Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, Elliott Erwitt, Abe Frajndlich, FC Gundlach, Horst P. Horst, Frank Horvat, Walde Huth, Peter Lindbergh ...more

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