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Blumen · Menschen · Landschaften - Kunst aus dem 20. Jahrhundert

from Apr 24th, 2024 until Sep 15th, 2024


Blumen · Menschen · Landschaften

Ein einzigartiges Kunsterlebnis erwartet Sie in unserer neuen Ausstellung "Blumen · Menschen · Landschaften ...more

Kleine Formate, große Wirkung – Pastelle von Heinz Mack

Liebe Kunstfreundinnen und Kunstfreunde, von Blau zu Rot, von Orange zu Grün, von luzidem Gelb zu ...more

Galerie Neher

Galerie Neher


Kaninenberghöhe 8
DE-45136 Essen

+49 (0)201 26 699-0

+49 (0)201 26 699-43

Neher Gallery


Our serves as a simple source of information about our work and about the artworks offered by us. The illustrations are a first information for art-interested customers, who might be looking for something specific. We also inform about our present and past exhibitions in order to encourage for a visit in our gallery. For the "genuine art enjoyment" the direct view at the original artwork is essential. The aura of a painting or a sculpture must be experienced "live" with the eyes and the heart. Via internet only a general interest for certain artists may be aroused or the preference for certain art trends can be discovered.

In our gallery-rooms we show art exhibitions, which are documented in a catalogue or a brochure with pictures and texts. Everyone interested is cordially welcome to visit our openings and exhibitions. All works in our exhibitions are for sale. The exhibitions can be visited during opening hours or by appointment. You may be consulted by Christa and Otmar Neher, if wished.

Art Consulting:
Regardless of present exhibitions it would be a pleasure to help you with the search for your "desired picture". We will work out an individual selection together with you from our extensive stock, or we may arrange a selection of works for your visit beforehand. You might also like to have a good rummage in our art computer in the gallery in order to search in stock for artists, styles, a certain size and also for various price ranges. Afterwards we would be happy to show you the original works selected by you. The gallery advises private collections, companies and public institutions in matters of the search, purchase and sale of art as well as the preservation, restoration and framing of artworks.

The program of the gallery Neher covers the Classical Modern Art, especially the German Expressionism and the painters of "Die Brücke" (bridge) and "Der Blaue Reiter" (blue rider), post-war-tendencies and in limited extent Contemporary Modern Art. We offer an extensive stock of pictures, supplemented by works from artists or with cooperation of artist's estates or private collections, which are selected and presented depending upon exhibition topic in the own house or on art fairs.

Neher Gallery

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