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Barbie, 1993

Floris M.(ichael) Neusüss

Born: Mar 3rd, 1937 in Remscheid-Lennep, Germany

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Floris M.(ichael) Neusüss, born: 03.03.1937 in Remscheid Lennep

Floris Neusuess remained for its technology and its motives during one period from now forty years, in which an unparalleled change in the evaluation of the photography carried out itself, faithful. While today nobody doubts more the possibility of making art with photography photo work in exhibitions of contemporary art in large number is represented, itself philosopher, art historian and medium critics completely naturally with photo theory employ and also the naive faith, to which authenticity photographic image long is discharged, belonged around 1960, when Floris Neusuess began his work with Koerperfotogrammen, to commitment and prepared to take risks shank to it, this technology to turn. In the process of its approximately forty-year old work he experienced an enormous propagation from literature and exhibitions to the topic photography; without its artistic, publizistischen and kuratorischen activities the range of the photogram would be however still a neglected peripheral area.
Although the study of the human body was since invention of the photography one of the most important topics, the body was foreseen in the early Fotogrammen, from occasional hand castings, no picture article. Only Neusuess consistently and over years in its work and an almost magic Leiblichkeit held again and again given the whole body to the body picture. Floris Neusüss work stands, which concerns the density and variety of the body and head photo gram, singularly in photo history. Depending on, how long on or before the photo-sensitive paper lying heads and body are exposed, as large the distance of the parts to the paper is, whether they move or which kind and arrangement the source of light is develops fluctuating brightness values, overlays of gray tones, vague outlines and sharp edges of edition. Even if the traditional figure reason - problem starting point of its experiments in the area of the cutting back and bodyfotogramms is, finds Neusüss fast to always new design elements. He works with changes of position, cross fades, multiple exposure, solarisationen and different light directions, provided and combines positive and negative Fotogramme, so that partial narrative seeming or picture sequences develop. With multiple exposure produces newsweetly transparent clay/tone stages in the penetration figures and it arise illusory areas of fully astonishing processes, pictorial working gradationen, plastic granulation and ambiguous interference.
(excerpts from a text of Jessica Ullrich)

Art objects of this artist

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (3), Photogramm, 1993
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (3), Photogramm, 1993

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (1) , Photogramm, 1993
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (1) , Photogramm, 1993

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (2) , Photogramm, 1993
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Barbie (2) , Photogramm, 1993

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Tellerbild, Photogramm,  1970
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Tellerbild, Photogramm, 1970

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Nachtbild, Photogramm, 1991
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Nachtbild, Photogramm, 1991

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Nachtbild, Photogramm, 1991
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Nachtbild, Photogramm, 1991

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Mohn, Photogramm, 1991
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Mohn, Photogramm, 1991

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Mohn, Photogramm, 1991
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Mohn, Photogramm, 1991

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Photogramm - Tellerbild, 1974
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ Photogramm - Tellerbild, 1974

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ ULO, 1994
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ ULO, 1994

Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ filled head, Photogramm, 2003
Neusüss, Floris M.(ichael) ◊ filled head, Photogramm, 2003


Floris Michael Neusüss , born 1937 Lennep/Germany: Photography, Fotogramme, texts experimental and conceptual photography, "Nudogramme", professor, teacher, curator, author in theory and photo practice in particular argument with the photo gram
1954 first Fotogramme
starting from 1960 bodyfotogramme
1964 chemical painting on bodyfotogramme
1971 Professur for experimental photography at the academy of arts (today University of) Kassel
1971 - 75 work to the photographic syntax
1977 dissolutions of body and photogram performances
1982 Fotogrammportraits
1984 "Nudogramme", life-large bodyfotogramme and nachtbilder (nightpictures)
1989 ULO Fotogramme
1972 documenta 5, Kassel
1978 Fotogramme "open air"
1979 publication "photography as art - art as photography"
1983 resident of Munich city museum: Fotogramme those light-rich shade "
1984 nachtbilder
1995 Hermann Claasen price
2000 gallery Moritzburg, resound: "ULOs - Unidentifiable Lying Objects"

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Jan 14th, 2017
Light, Shadow and Chemistry - Vernissage
Jan 17th, 2017
Light, Shadow and Chemistry
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

More dates:

Floris M. Neusüss - exhibition / selection

-Dreams + Photograms, Von Lintel Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
- Floris Neusüss – Ancient and Modern, Atlas Gallery, London, England
- Floris Neusüss – Traumbilder. Fotografien 1958 bis 1983 - Münchner Stadtmuseum, Munich
- Floris Neusüss - Atlas Gallery, London
- Floris Neusüss – Early Works, Galleria Carla Sozzani, Mailand, Italy
- Wunderkammer Museum, Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany
- Floris Neusüss Fotogramme, Galerie Griesebach, Berlin, Germany
- Floris Neusüss - Fotogramme - Kleinschmidt Fine Photographs, Wiesbaden
- kind international, Zurich
- Floris Neusüss - shade nature - light shapes, art association Augsburg
- art Cologne fair also in focus gallery , Cologne
- of bodies and other things museum Bochum
- on of bodies and OTHER things Moscow House OF Photography, Moscow
- of bodies and other things German historical museum, Berlin
- new gallery, Kassel
- in focus gallery, Cologne
- on the Body and OTHER Things town center Gallery, Prague
- Floris M. Neusuess, Glyptothek Munich
- resounds national gallery Moritzburg,
- in focus gallery, Cologne
- camera work, Berlin
- Rheinisches federal state museum, Bonn
- New York, sander Gallery
- Heidelberg, art association
- Munich, photo museum
- London, photographers gallery
- Cologne, photokina, kuratiert from L Fritz Gruber

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Floris M. Neusuess - Bibliografie
- photography 1957 - 1977, Kat. Kasseler art association
- Fotogramme - the light-rich shade, Kassel 1983
- the photo gram in the art 20. Century, Cologne 1990
- pieces of night, Fotogramme 1957 - 1997, Cologne 1997
- ULO's marvelous, Duesseldorf 2000
- resounds body pictures, 2001
- art and photography - Floris Neusüss and the Kasseler school for experimental photography 1972 - 2002, Marburg 2003
- Anteidola, Munich Glyptothek 2003
- kamera los, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, 2006

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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