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Place Vendome

Willy Ronis

Born: Aug 14th, 1910 in Paris
Deceased: Aug 31st, 2009 in Paris

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Willy Ronis

Prices for later prints 2500 € - 7500 €

is member of the famous Triumvirats of French photographers, beside Henri Cartier Bresson and Robert Doisneau, which introduced a special kind of photographing. Together they found an informal, often humorous, to make sometimes ironical kind pictures are characterized by kongeniales cooperating of unrestricted sympathy in relation to humans and a documentary interest.

After the Second World War, when Cartier Bresson for the Magnum agency traveled by the world, Doisneau and Ronis, which worked both for the Rapho agency, concentrated to photograph the structure and the development of France.
In Willy Ronis earliest photographies one sees humans, who work on the country or in the factory. Its sympathy to the workers remained existing always as decisive element in its works.
After the war Ronis changed opinion over the society. In his pictures the individual from the crowd is emphasized, the caught tendencies is more multilayered and more multicolored.
Some its pictures became contemporary icons - against its actual intention e.g. Nu provencal, which shows its wife, when she washes herself in her summer holidays house their face over an old washstand. But the timelessness, the suggested Erotik of the picture and the seizable, clear representation of the atmosphere, the smell and the light as in a warm afternoon, make this work its Meistveroeffentlichten. An interest in the act photography pulls itself like a red thread by its works.
During more exact view of many photographies of Willy Ronis one that they become lively by their apparently which is missing perfection and their concise humor, recognizes e.g.. a buggy appears as disturbing element in a photo. This buggy stands beside a sailor, who embraces its friend straight before a ship. Which is mismatching felt otherwise as confusion and, here an incomparable tendency produces.
Exactly like Doisneau Ronis worked regularly for the left press, which reported on strikes and disasters. It was always mindful on the fact that its photographies more than only a general analysis of the unfairness of capitalism could be understood. When he worked in the photo agency, he noticed soon that he lost control of it, as his photographies were represented and published under which title them. Thus it left the agency Rapho 1955, because the photos were not used in its sense. Its verweigerung in principle such compromises to be received, affected its living costs; Orders came only rarely. Like already in the war Willy Ronis pulled again into the south and held themselves as a teacher over water, since the orders continued to leave.
However it continued its work for itself further. to 1970 it went back to Rapho and starting from the center of the decade began a new generation the importance of its works both in the historical and in the present context to recognize. Willy Ronis warm, sceptical eye addresses many humans. A place in history is in the meantime safe of the photography it.

Art objects of this artist

Ronis, Willy ◊ Le nu provencal, 1949/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ Le nu provencal, 1949/later

Ronis, Willy ◊ La Ciotat, 1947/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ La Ciotat, 1947/later

Ronis, Willy ◊ Rose Zehner, 1934/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ Rose Zehner, 1934/later

Ronis, Willy ◊ Place Vendome, 1947/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ Place Vendome, 1947/later

Ronis, Willy ◊ Venedig, Fondamente Nuove, 1959/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ Venedig, Fondamente Nuove, 1959/later

Ronis, Willy ◊ Venice, 1959/later
Ronis, Willy ◊ Venice, 1959/later


Willy Ronis , born in Paris, act studies, reports, Street Photography, "photography Humaniste", member of Groupe of the XV and agency Rapho, numerous publications, gold medal on the Biennale 1957, Grand prix national kinds the 1979, Prix Nadar 1981

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Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...
Nov 3rd, 2018
Marc Riboud & Willy Ronis - "France 1935 - 1985" - Vernissage
Nov 3rd, 2018
Marc Riboud & Willy Ronis - "France 1935 - 1985"
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

More dates:

Willy Ronis - exhibitions - selection

1951 - New York - MoMA
1955 - New York - MoMA - Family of Men
1980 - Arles - RIP
1982 - San Francisco, the USA, focus Gallery
1985 - Paris, palace de Tokyo
1990 - Lausanne, Switzerland, Musée de l'Elysée
1994 - Paris, hotel you Sully
1995 - Oxford, museum of Modern Art
2000 - Charleroi, Belgium, museum for photography
2000 - Cologne, Germany, in focus gallery
2000 - Kyoto, Japan, museum of Contemporary Art
2001 - Prague
2002 - Cologne, Germany in focus gallery
2003 - Fribourg Switzerland
2003 - Leipzig, camera and photo museum, curated by in focus gallery , Cologne
2004 - Aachen, Suermondt Ludwig museum
2004 - Verona, Italy
2005 - Exhibition tour: Berlin / Iserlohn / Oldenburg / Stuttgart
2006 - Paris, Hotel de Ville
2006 - Museum St. Ingbert, Germany
2006 - Fundacion "la Caixa", Madrid, Spanien
2009 - Arles, RIP, Frankreich

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Sep 12th, 2009
Willy Ronis is dead

More publications

2004 Prestel publishing house: Willy Ronis
2005 Taschen publishing house: Willy Ronis

as well as approx. 20 picture volumes in French language and picture volumes, appeared in Japan, Italy and further countries

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