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Ange Demon

William Ropp

Born: 1960 in Versaille, France

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William Ropp

„Fascination of the imaginary"
The French photographer William Ropp is well known for the unique style in which he captures the mysterious aspects of human nature. Taking outstanding pictures of humans is the theme of the internationally renowned photographer. Surprisingly, it is not the viewer who gazes at the humans: women, men and children; they rather redirect the stare towards the person looking at the unfathomable black and white pictures. Seemingly coming from a different time, these human beings unify ancient mysteries and timeless questions in their appearances.
The exhibition „Fascination of the Imaginary" in the in focus gallery, Cologne shows three aspects of the creative work William Ropps - from his early photographs to his child portraits up to his recent series about humans from Mali.

In his portraits of children Ropp shows an ambivalence of the childs facial expression which will not fit in the presentation of the ever- cheerfull- child. The viewers childhood emotions and memories - long forgotten are awakened.

The embedding of the Mali people in outstanding landscapes and waterworlds leading in a strange world full of mystery. William Ropps images carry the visitors of the exhibition off to a travel across diffrent levels of reality and invite to occupy with the anthropological question of being and non -being. William Ropp uses photography not to show the reality manner, in fact he is in the search of the fascination of imaginary. His photographs raise questions. Wheather there is an answer, this has only the viewer to decide.

Such photography is the very opposite of what it is commonly held for: to be a mere reflection of the visible world. Ropps art does not render the visible, but makes visible.

Art objects of this artist

Ropp, William ◊ Nude
Ropp, William ◊ Nude

Ropp, William ◊ Ange Demon
Ropp, William ◊ Ange Demon

Ropp, William ◊ Julie Invitation
Ropp, William ◊ Julie Invitation

Ropp, William ◊ Portrait 2
Ropp, William ◊ Portrait 2

Ropp, William ◊ Portrait 3
Ropp, William ◊ Portrait 3

Ropp, William ◊ Claire Portrait
Ropp, William ◊ Claire Portrait

Ropp, William ◊ Mali 3
Ropp, William ◊ Mali 3

Ropp, William ◊ Mali 2
Ropp, William ◊ Mali 2

Ropp, William ◊ Mali 1
Ropp, William ◊ Mali 1


William Ropp, born 1960 in Versailles/Frankreich.

International known and well exhibited photographer since 1988.

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Aug 24th, 2008
William Ropp - „Fascination of the imaginary"
May 5th, 2012
William Ropp: „New color work & Dreamt memories from Africa“
Jul 22nd, 2015
ÄTHOPIA - William Ropp
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

More dates:

William Ropp:

Collection (Selection):

Musée de l'Elysée (A)
Houston Museum of Fine Art (U.S.A.)
Museum Wamn Reekum (Holland)
Museo Civico Farnese (Italien)
Museum of Fotokunst (Dänemark)
Fotomuseum in Mölkau (Deutschland)
Maison Européenne pour la Photographie (Frankreich)
Collection Polaroïd (U.S.A.)
Galerie du Château d'Eau (Frankreich)

single shows (selection):

Nafoto (Brasil)
Phototeca della Ina (Mexico)
Museo Ken Damy (Italien)
Centro Colombo Americano (Columbien)
Marzee Gallery (Holland)
Photovision Bestiaire Photographique (Frankreich)
House of Photography (Czech Republic)
Galerie Differencia (Portugal)
A.T.H.A. (Spanien)
Photographer's Gallery (England)
Galerie Robert Doisneau (Frankreich)
Fotografica International (Italien)
Galerie G4 (Czech Republic)
Photonews gallery (Deutschland)
in focus Galerie, Köln (Deutschland)

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Mar 15th, 2009
in focus Galerie . Burkhard Arnold . Reviewer at Nordic Light Event, NLE, Norway
Jan 22nd, 2012
William Ropp: "The shadow sculture" Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France

More publications

William Ropp

William ROPP, 1990
William ROPP, 1991
William ROPP, " La chair nue de l'émotion ", 1993
William ROPP," The shadow sculptor ", 2000

William ROPP, Ken Damy Museum Editions, Italy, 1996
William ROPP, Children, Kehrer Verlag, 2004

Vis-à-Vis International n°4 et 6 (France)
Photo Magazine, November 1988 (France)
Sunstorm n°27 (USA)
International Photographers, December 1993 (China)
Photonews, December 1993 (Germany)
Foto Magazin, December 1993 (Germany)
International Photography, November 1994 (USA)
Zoom, October 1994 (Italy)
Photo Magazine, n°15, 1998 (Europ)
Fotografi n°6, 1998 (Norway)
Gente di fotografia n°17, 1998 (Italy)
Reflex n°20, 1998 (Mexico)
Picture Magazine, December 1998 (USA)
Immagini, December 1999 (Italy)
Photographie, November 2000 (Germany)

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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