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Simone with gun, 1994

Jan Saudek

Born: 1935 in Prag

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Jan Saudek

prices 2000 - 5500 €

His photography first black-and-white, later colored, turns around sexuality and the relationship between man and woman, age and youth, clothed and nakedness. He uses generally antagonisms, in order strengthens picture effects to obtain. Saudek avails himself thereby of a every now and then hard picture language, which reminds of crude desire barnesses of medieval desire life, an impression, which is fed also by that always same marode ambiente of its pictures. Frequently he produces also sequences, in which once dresses pairs in the change, appears once naked, young girls as a pregnant woman returns or children ages. Saudeks photography reaches into the full life. Its direct language found very fast a lively resonance in the world of art.

Art objects of this artist

Saudek, Jan ◊ The Rocksinger, 2004
Saudek, Jan ◊ The Rocksinger, 2004

Saudek, Jan ◊ An Alcoholic, 2001
Saudek, Jan ◊ An Alcoholic, 2001

Saudek, Jan ◊ Monique, the dancer, 2005
Saudek, Jan ◊ Monique, the dancer, 2005

Saudek, Jan ◊ Simone and Gun, 1994
Saudek, Jan ◊ Simone and Gun, 1994

Saudek, Jan ◊ # 377, 1992
Saudek, Jan ◊ # 377, 1992

Saudek, Jan ◊ # 1897, 1990
Saudek, Jan ◊ # 1897, 1990

Saudek, Jan ◊ Helpless Girl, 1987
Saudek, Jan ◊ Helpless Girl, 1987

Saudek, Jan ◊ Ten years of Veronica, 1987
Saudek, Jan ◊ Ten years of Veronica, 1987


Jan Saudeks (1935 Prague, lives in Prague) work is to a considerable degree coined/shaped by two circumstances: on the one hand of his childhood, when he had interned together with his twin brother Karl in a KZ and only by a stroke of luck the experiments of Josef Mengele escaped, on the other hand of the attendance of the exhibition "Family of Man", which he felt as a sign of a deep need after family harmony and which to him the photography opened as an expression sign. So he studied at the school for industrial photography in Prague from 1950 - and worked thereafter in different occupations on the country and in numerous factories. For the 50's he concerns with photography and produces himselves thereby his own picture reality. So Saudek was one of the first Czech photographers, whose work in the west (Europe / USA) was well-known, but on the other hand his work was distrustfully observed in the 80's by the Czech state.

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Current and past exhibition-dates and information
May 25th, 2013
Best of Jan Saudek
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

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Jan Saudek - exhibitions / selection

- University of Indiana Bloomington (USA)
- Kabinet grafiky, Olomouc (CZ)
- Art Institute of Chicago (USA)
- Jacques Baruch Gallery, Chicago (USA)
- National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (AUS)
- R.I.P. Arles (F)
- Australian Center of Photography, Sydney (Aus)
- Galerie Il Diaframma, Milano (I)
- Pratt Manhattan Graphic Center, New York (USA)
- G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
- FNAC - Montparnasse, Paris (F)
- Photokina, Köln (D)
- Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, New York (USA)
- Watari, Tokyo (J)
- Suomen Valoku Vataiteen Museum, Helsinki
- Fotoforum Frankfurt (D)
- Musée d´art moderne de la ville de Paris (F)
- Primavera fotografica, Barcelona (E)
- Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (D)
- In Extremis, Strasbourg (F)
- Robert Koch Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)
- Yokohama Gallery, Yokohama (J)
- Centre Pompidou, Paris (F)
- Steltmann, Amsterdam (NL)
- Vision Gallery, San Francisco (USA)
- Parco Gallery, Tokyo (J)
- Prinz, Kyoto (J)
- in focus Galerie, Köln (D)
- G4 Cheb (CZ)
- A gallery, New Orleans (USA)
- Krisal gallery, Genf, (CH)
- in focus Galerie am Dom, Köln (D)
- Seattle Museum, Seattle (USA)
- Kamera und Photomuseum, Mölkau/Leipzig (D)
kuratiert durch in focus Galerie
- Ken Damy Museum, Milano, Italien
- Bergamot Station Arts Center, Los Angeles
- Vrais Reves, Lyon, Frankreich
- The Museum of Photography, Tel Hai, Israel
- Stills gallery, Sydney, Australien
- in focus Galerie, Köln
- Galerie K. Mennour, Paris
- Prag, (CZ), Best of Jan Saudek, catalog
- Moscow - Photobiennale 2006 - International Month of Photography: the exhibition "The World of Jan Saudek" in "Manezh" Central exhibition hall
- Kutna Hora, Gallery ZUBOV

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Jan Saudek is one of the most published artistic photographers worldwide.
important publications:
- 1983, The world of Jan Saudek, The master collection book, Genf
- 1986, "35 Jahre Fotografie-Jan Saudek", Frankfurt
- 1987, "Jan Saudek, 200 photographs", Musée de art moderne, de la ville de Paris, Paris
- 1991, "Jan Saudek, Life, Love and death and othe such trifles", Amsterdam
- 1995, "Jan Saudek, Jubilations & Obsessions", Amsterdam
- 1997, "Jan Saudek, Photographs 1987 - 1997, Taschen Verlag, Köln
- 1998, "Jan Saudek", Taschen Verlag, Köln
- 2002, "Jan Saudek, Realities", Arena Editions, New Mexiko, Santa Fe, USA
- 2006, "The Best of Jan Saudek", Prag

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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