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Wallpaper # 09

Rüdiger Schestag

Born: 1964 in Kirchheim/Teck

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Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 09, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 09, 2005

Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 20, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 20, 2005

Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 39, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 39, 2005

Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 50, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 50, 2005

Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 59, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 59, 2005

Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 63, 2005
Schestag, Rüdiger ◊ Wallpaper # 63, 2005


Ruediger Schestag

born 1964 in Kirchheim / Teck, Germany. Resident in Stuttgart, Germany since 1999
After finishing his studies in information sciences and photography (diplom in elektronics und technical computer science, education in Hamburg at “Akademie für Photographie” APH) he worked for several fashion and advertising agencies in Hamburg. Currently he teaches photography at the renowed “Merz-Akademie” in Stuttgart and the “ Moscow Slavic Institute of Design”. In 2000 he published the book “Jazz in Stuttgart”, for which he became widely recognized in the field. His motivation lies in the conceptional visualisation of complex subjects

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Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Jan 11th, 2020
Vernissage 30 years in focus Gallery, Cologne

More dates:

Ruediger Schestag

„Wallpaper-project“ 2005 in Stuttgart: Galerie Nieser, Köln: in focus Galerie, Burkhard Arnold, München: Galerie Maurer, Berlin: Galerie Castelli, Hamburg: Maler- und Lackierermuseum.
„Jazzphotographien“ 2006 in Halle: Jazzfestival “Women in Jazz”, 1999 Stuttgart: Theaterhaus, 2000 Stuttgart: Galerie im Rotebühlzentrum, Kulturtreff Untertürkheim, 2001 in Samara (Russia) gallery “collectionner”, theatre in Iserlohn, Esslingen at public library, book house Roth in Stuttgart, town hall in Korntal Jazzfest, congress center in Böblingen, 2002 book house Julius in Stuttgart, 2004 public library in Herrenberg.
„ Erotic Photography“ 2002 gallery of the ministry for culture in Karelia (Russia), 2003 photo gallery Norbert Nieser in Stuttgart, culture club Untertuerkheim.
„the fashion project - frenzy frou frou, rhythm and rumble“ 2004 Kunstraum K34 Stuttgart
„Portraits of artists from Petrozavodsk“ 2001 gallery at the office for culture in Tübingen, city gallery of Petrozavodsk (Russia), „Aktstudien“ 1991 Kunstforum Hochschwarzwald, 1992 Sparkasse Titisee-Neustadt, 1994 Atelier Bamberg, „Fashion“ 1999 culture club Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, Catless Hamburg, „Spiritualität“ 2002 group exhibition at culture club in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim, „Faces of Russia“ 2003 group exhibition with photographers of Samara at Rotebühlzentrum in Stuttgart, „Southafrica-Jazz-Project“ 2004 with Patrick Bebelaar and Frank Kroll at city museum in Leonberg.

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Ruediger Schestag

„Jazz in Stuttgart“ ISBN 3-934945-49-X Photo book about the Stuttgart
Jazz scene with audio-CD- 1999

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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