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Object for a room.psd, 2011

Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA SON:DA

Geboren: 1972 und 1976 in Maribor, Slovenia


- Zeitgenössische Kunst


Zum Künstler

Live & work in Maribor, Slovenia

Arbeiten des Künstlers

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Object for a Room.psd, 2011
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Object for a Room.psd, 2011

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Lift -72.psd, 2011
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Lift -72.psd, 2011

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Floor.psd, 2011
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Floor.psd, 2011

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Comboverstärker 3600.psd, 2010
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Comboverstärker 3600.psd, 2010

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Another Wall.psd, 2010
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Another Wall.psd, 2010

SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Radiator for a Room.psd, 2009
SON:DA, Metka GOLEC und Horvat MIHA ◊ Radiator for a Room.psd, 2009


Since 2000, Metka Golec and Miha Horvat work together as the artists-duo son:DA. They use installations, performances, movies, sounds and the so-called Mouse – Computer – Drawings. Through different methods, but always influenced by electronics, they deal with the mechanization of everyday life, the advance of digital medias and electronic sounds. They question this apparently perfect world of technique in an ironic, humorous and very critical way.



Aktuelle und vergangene Ausstellungstermine:

Weitere Termine:


"nice places", < rotor > center for contemporary art, Graz, Austria

"over.psd", Art EX Dono, Udine, Italy
"over.psd", EschbornK, Eschborn, Germany

"space intervention", Peek&Poke, Rijeka, Croatia
"more items of the room", roomnumberOne, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria
"maribor is the future", Kulturni Inkubator, Maribor, Slovenia

"lift.psd", Galerija Kapsula, Ljubljana, Slovenia
"items of the room", Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia.
„Last supper“, Mario Mauroner Contemporaray Art, Vienna, Austria
son:DA print, Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia


"RECENT WORK", Mario Mauroner Contemporaray Art, Salzburg, Austria


"psd "bitfroms gallery, New York, USA
"situacija risbe" Galerija Simulaker, Novo mesto, Slovenia

"how to destroy a gallery", LaVitrine, Pekarna., Slovenia


"skuc.psd", Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana.

"situation slovenska_35", Mala galerija, MOMA, Ljubljana.

"art-works", AP4-ART, Lugano.
".psd", Miklova hisa, Ribnica.


“PLATFORM #1. Semiconductor + son:DA”, C/O Careof, Milano.

“cityspaces. son:DA + Ziga Kariz”, Skuc gallery at ARCO-06, Madrid.


“room nr_001.psd”, Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna.

“mouse-computer-drawings”, Turner contemporary, Margate.
“unit.1008”, Likovni salon Celje, Celje.


“unit.241”, Galerija Meduza, Koper. 
“unit.739”, KIBLA.Kibela, Maribor.


“A2”, Porschehof & Kunstverein, Salzburg.
“unit.003”, KIBLA.Kibela, Maribor.


“hidden reality”, Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana.


“nbj”, Garaza, Pekarna, Maribor.
"8and9", Razstavni salon Rotovz, Maribor.


Berliner Herbstsalon (curated Erden Kosova), Maskim Gorki Theater, Berlin, Germany
cityworks - spielart, Munich, Germany
Stegnar, Horvat & family - U3, MSUM, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Present and Presence - Repetition 1, MSUM, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Muzej robotov, A+A, Venice, Italy

Muzej robotov, UGM, Maribor, Slovenia
ART-O-RAMA, Salon international d’art contemporain, Marseille, France
Meet everyone at once, 0GMS Projects, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tonspur expanded, FreiRaum MQ, Vienna, Austria
curatedby_ vienna 2011, Vienna, Austria
255.804km (curated by A.Gregoric), Brotkunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

Nomos et Physis, Galerie de I´ugam, Montreal, Canada
Nature and Art, Narodni muzej, Valjevo, Serbia
255.804 km (curated by A.Gregoric), Mestna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Astronomical frontiers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Iz stalne zbirke (curated A.Borin), UGM Maribor, Slovenia


3.biennale kvadrilaterale (cureted by C_.Paul).
MMSU, Rijeka.
 Arzenal Depo 2K9 (curated by J.Krpan)
Studio Viba, Ljubljana.
To be continued... (curated by S.Vidmar)
MMSU, Rijeka.
Poletje (curated by T.Brejc)
UGM, Maribor.
Zaradi dopusta zaprto (curated by A.Gregoric)
Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana
Fotografija, ki je ni (curated by V.Nagy)


Ars Telefonica (curated by Center for Visual Introspection), Bucharest.
D´EST (curated by A.Fonda)
ArtVerona, Verona.
Muzej na cesti (curated by B.Piskur and Z.Badovinac) MOMA, Ljubljana.
HACK.Fem.East, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin.
Palinsesti (curated by A.del Puppo and D.Viva), San Vito al Tagliamento.
Business is Business, The Cultural Centre of Liège Les Chiroux.

Nematicni prostori (curated by I.Spanjol), Ganes Pratt, Ljubljana.
articel.23 (curated by T.Smrekar and A.Gregoric), Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana.

Bienale neodvisne ilustracije, UGM Maribor.


invented worlds (curated by S.Vidmar), Titanik galleria, Turku.

Bienale neodvisne ilustracije, Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana.

1469m3 (curated by LaVitrine), Hladilnica, Pekarna.
K2 Sur*viver (curated by T.Smrekar), Galerija Miroslav Kraljevic, Zagreb.

27.biennale of graphic arts, MGLC, Ljubljana.
LAND(E)SCAPE (curated by S.Vidmar and B.Kolar-Sluga), Kuntslerhaus, Graz.

digitars (curated by kibla.org), Beograd.
Skit curators, talk about artists (curated by A.Gregoric), Press to exit, Skopje.
Ground Zero Gallery (curated by Cattelan), Arta-Terme.
Vsak clovek je kurator, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana.
Izmisljeni svetovi (curated by S.Vidmar), Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine, Novi Sad.

Inbetweeness (curated by D.Denegri and L.Pratesi), Complesso di San Michele, Rome.

Contemporary slovenian photography, Museum of art, Lendava.

Nagrada OHO, P74, Ljubljana. 


Sonambiente, Berlin.
Slovenian animation 96-06 (curated by I.Prassel), Likovni salon, Celje.

Oscilacije-30dni zvoka (curated by B.Piskur), Mala galerija, MOMA, Ljubljana.

New video, new Europe (curated by H.Walker), The Kitchen art gallery, New York.

Approaching reality’s borders. Art, Science and Technology (curated by C.Gioia), ARCOS, Benevento.
ART´FAB, St. Tropez. 
U3 (curated by J.Krpan), MOMA, Ljubljana.
Crazycurators biennale, Bratislava.

Viennabiennale, Vienna.

Contemporary slovenian photography, UGM Maribor.
Permanent 06, Sammlung Essl in Shomer-Haus, Klosterneuburg.


6th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art (curated by M.Lewoc), Szczecin. 2005 
Trienale ekologija in umetnost, UGM, Maribor.
XI Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell´Europa e del Mediterraneo, Castel S. Elmo, Napoli.
Versus XI (curated by L.Tadorni), Velan center for contemporary art, Torino.
95_05 (curated by I.Zabel and I.Spanjol), Moderna galerija, Ljubljana.
26.biennale of graphical arts, Tobacna tovarna, Ljubljana.

Eye-Try (curated by A.Kostic), Cork Vision Center, Cork. 
Pulse, Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna.


7 sins (curated by Z.Badovinac, I.Zabel and V.Misiano), MOMA, Ljubljana.
Cosmopolis1 (curated by M.Carneci), State Museum of Contemporary Art, Solun.
Coded cultures (curated by D.Kukovec), Freiraum, MQ, Vienna.

On sale (curated by N.Petresin and A.Gregoric), Galerija Skuc, Ljubljana.
Musikprotokoll am Steirische Herbst, Graz.

Here and now (curated by K.Stoyanov), Institute for contemporary art, Sofia.

Nevidni prostori (curated by P.Kaps), Maribor.
Mediterraneans Arte Contemporanea, MACRO al Mattatoio, Rome.
Niemandsland (curated by H.Liebhart-Ulm and A.Soucek), Kunstlerhaus, Vienna. 

New video, new Europe (curated by H.Walker), The Renaissance society, Chicago.
Tate Modern, London.

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. 
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


U3 (curated by C.Van Assche), MOMA, Ljubljana.

Blut und Honig (curated by H.Szeemann), Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg.
Nove generacije (curated by P.Lampic), Jakopiceva galerija, Ljubljana. 


Schmarotzer (curated by Z.Badovinac), Semperdepot, Vienna. 

Endlich21 (curated by E.Schlegl), Galerie Westlicht, Vienna.


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